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Yoda of the Dog World

Duff photoDuff here. The other day, I got a High Compliment and wanted to share It with you. Anita Bromley, A talented Friend who Knits like the Wind, declared me “Yoda of The Dog World.” What praise for Me, a Very Small Dog! While I still aspire to be a Yoda, but I can be the Wise One in that Realm for Now. That fits Me well. As I recall, the original Master Yoda of Star Wars had Wisdom beyond compare. (I’m still Working on It.) Yoda coached Luke Skywalker to His Ultimate Destiny as a Jedi Knight. Can You imagine the Knowledge? That’s a high Standard to live up to. Truly living unstuck.

As He was initially counseling Luke, Master Yoda made a Profound Statement. “Do. Or Do Not. There is no Try.” Oh, my! I have held to this wise Concept for many years, not Knowing my Sage had coined it many years before. For instance, as I grow Older, I am challenged to Hop Up into the Car. Mom will reach down to Gather Me up and Help. But I Shake Her off, take a Deep Breath and Muster My Strength. Up I Go! There is no Try. Only Do. Living unstuck.

What about You? Do You have a Dream? Even a little One? Do You use Your Inner Wisdom and Try to reach that Goal? Or do You put on Your Armor of Acumen and Just Do It? I say: Reach deep Inside and Accomplish whatever You Choose. Aim for the Stars. Master Yoda had it Right. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#do-or-do-not-no-try

No Try. Only Do.

—Duff Courtney | Paraphrase of Master Yoda

Wisdom of Head and Heart

There is a wisdom of the head, and a wisdom of the heart.

—Charles Dickens

Duff photoDuff here. The other day, I was considering: Wisdom is usually generated by Experiences. Some of these Times are quite positive, and those I keep close to Myself. They Glow and Sparkle. There’s a Warm Feeling inside that expands and grows when I think about Those Occasions. And they bring such great Happiness! They touch My heart and, to Me, are the Wisdom of the Heart. When I feel this Way, I live unstuck.

The Wisdom of the Head is quite a Different Matter. I have learned New Patterns of Behavior throughout My Life. Let Me give You a Particular Truth. If Mom is waiting for Me to finish checking out My Territory at day’s end, I have a limited Time to do so. Anything over ten or fifteen minutes is Not Acceptable. But I have a Trick, a Wisdom of the Head. She has to ascend cement steps to reach the door of our abode. As She gives up on Waiting for Me and I hear her climb? Lickety-split, I come from wherever I am and hasten to meet Her at the Landing. Aren’t I a Clever Boy? Now that’s living unstuck.

How about You? Are You cultivating Wisdom of the Head? Expanding Your Experiences? Does your Heart get in the way at Times? Are You learning the Balance necessary between the Two? I recommend: Step back from Anything that doesn’t feel Right Inside of You (You know, where Your Conscience resides.) Check and see: Is Your Heart overruling Your Head? Or vice versa? I find Harmony in all Things is best. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#balanceinlife