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The Dreaded Diet

Duff here. Six months ago, I got the Dire Proclamation from My Veterinarian. I was overweight. Heavy for my frame. In a word: Fat. Mom protested, for She is careful about what She feeds Me. Okay, maybe She was a little overly Generous in what She put in My Dish. But She was probably following the prompts on That Bowl, Labeled Good Dog on one side and Feed Me on the other. Totally understandable. And I am so darn Cute. How could She resist? Living unstuck.

But when She started cutting back on My Rations, I acted as If I was in starvation Mode. This Activity was complete with Soulful brown Eyes watching as She ate, each bite depriving Me of much needed sustenance. Her answer? To wait until I went to Doggy Day Camp for a few days. Running and Romping, frolicking and Jumping. My Canine Friends kept My Mind off of Smaller Food Portions. And I was Slim and svelte by the time Mom picked Me up. Clever Mom. Living unstuck.

How about You? Have You ever been handed a Do-This-Or-Else Command? What was Your end Result? I say: Go to Camp. The Experience will take Your mind off of Your Troubles. And You too can play with Your Friends and Achieve Your Goal at the Same Time. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#

I’m in shape. Round is a shape.

—George Carlin

Weight Loss: The Simple Unstuck Living Secret to Shedding Pounds

So many of my clients come to me to ask for help with weight loss. They have tried many of the diets—the low-fat diet, the high-fat diet, the high carb diet, the paleo, etc. etc. etc. What do all of these plans have in common? Complications! Just once I would like to see a diet book written with the average person in mind. My pet peeve is the foods needed for these meal plans are all so different from the real world. When I tried any plan, it seemed I spent more time making lists for “food,” doing “food” prep for future meals or thinking about what “food” I had on hand. All this thinking about “food” menus and planning just kept me constantly thinking about the thing I didn’t want to think about—FOOD! What a pain. And, yes, there was a time when I struggled to lose weight too.

My Weight Loss Secret in a Nutshell

But I have found this simple little secret. I have lost weight and kept it off for over a decade now. Once you know the secret, the rest is effortless because you have to remember just ONE THING.

Ok, so here it is in a nutshell. Don’t let your eating speed limit go above 65 net carbs per day. That’s it. Like the dashboard of a car, that’s the only measure that matters. If you keep your speed at 65 net carb grams per day, I promise you’ll lose that ravenous appetite after a day or two and the weight will fall off. And if you find that your carbs creep over the speed limit, (100+ digit mark which is possible when you have a wedding or special occasion to attend) just consider it a scenic overlook on your journey. You got off the road for a bit, but tomorrow that 65-carb limit will take you back on the highway to your weight loss destination.

You’ll need an easy way to measure just your carb intake (don’t worry about proteins or fat). I recommend a free smartphone app called, cronometer.com. Use this to enter just your carb food each day (not the whole meal plan!). Just keep an eye on the carb counter. If it goes above 65, switch to proteins or healthy fats for the day. That’s it. The first few days you are going to be surprised by the number of carbs you actually eat. You can make different choices.

When Weight Loss is More Difficult

Now I understand that sometimes people gain and keep weight on for issues that are not so easy to change. Some people eat to fill a void they have from loss or grief. Some people eat to fill an emptiness that won’t go away. One client told me she eats when she gets impatient. She is impatient to lose weight. No win. And some eat because the abuse they knew as children keeps them insulated from anyone who could harm them again. This is where hypnotherapy and NLP can help you get unstuck, in only 1-3 sessions 90% of the time.

Feel like your body is no longer your friend but an enemy you have to fight every day? It may be time to find another way to get unstuck and make peace with your middle . . . and your past.

If you’re ready to trash those pound-gaining habits in 1-3 sessions with an investment in you of $90 per session, call me at (928) 367-8208 or email me using the Contact Form on the website. Bringing over 30 years of experience to my practice, I am a highly qualified NLP Practitioner and a certified clinical hypnotherapist. Many have found my friendly ways and precise techniques to be the easiest road toward a better life.