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Stick to One Thing

Consider the postage stamp. Its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing until it gets there.

—Josh Billings

Duff photoDuff again. I wondered about the Wisdom of this Quote over the weekend. Mom considers postage stamps as Quite Useful Creations. I watch Her as She pays bills, humming as She does. She even sends little Notes to Those who receive the payments, just for Fun. She is also grateful to have the Cash to pay for Kibble and Bits in the Doggy Bowl. (Of course, that makes Me happy too. I get Tummy Rumbles just thinking about it.)

Cards and Letters to Friends are posted, too. One time, She sent a Valentine Card to an older lady. This Friend happily called Her and said it was the first Heart Card she had received in 46 years. What a way to Unstick Friends!

All of This would not be possible were it not for The Lowly Postage Stamp. This Emblem That Sticks announces to the World: “I have merit. I have a purpose and I stay the Course.” The Stamp is a guarantee for The Missive to safely arrive at its Destination. It Stays Stuck on Tight. And, in that way, functions to live unstuck.

How about You? Are You able start a Task, seeing It Through to the End? Or do You get Sidetracked along the Way? I advise: Focus on What You’re Doing. You will Find both Joy and Accomplishment at the Journey’s End. And Those Half Finished Projects will not be hounding you as You try to Relax. They can be True Guilt Inducers. I have found This to be True. Live unstuck.


Three of the four quarterbacks competing for the NFL Super Bowl Title on February 4, 2018 are new to this arena. And these men have been traded, cut from teams and maligned in the past. But they have been steadfast in their desire to play in this game. They want a place at the table.

Blake Bortles of the Jacksonville Jaguars has been trash talked for a number of years. The speculation is you don’t know which Blake will show up: the star or the fellow that can’t pass his way out of a paper bag. Curiously, he turns a deaf ear to the negative comments coming his way. “Yeah, I hear what they’re saying. But hey . . . we’re going to the playoffs.” And he has to restrain members of his family (his dad, brother) from “going over to talk with that guy.” He’s living unstuck.

Nick Foles of the Philadelphia Eagles got his brass ring on the NFL merry-go-round when Carson Wentz, starting quarterback was injured. Foles had been traded and cut from various teams but was steadfast in his goal to play, and play well. Going from the Eagles, traded to the St. Louis Rams, on to the Kansas City Chiefs then back to the Eagles. He steadfastly led his team to the first playoff victory in 9 seasons. He’s living unstuck.

Case Keenum has bounced around to the Houston Texans and the St. Louis Rams before signing on as a free agent with the Minnesota Vikings in 2017. He and the veteran, Tom Brady, share the same cool moves when under pressure. How the quarterback handles the mental stress with the game on the line is a quality that can’t be taught. In my opinion, it’s innate. Keenum is living unstuck.

How about you? Bounced around in life? Ready to take on a challenge as a backup? Are you steadfast in what you do? Focused on a purpose in life? Live unstuck. #Unstuck Living

Both villains and heroes need to have a steadfast belief in themselves.

—Jack Gleeson