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Flight to Freedom

Every woman that finally figured out her worth, has picked up her suitcase of pride and boarded a flight to freedom, which landed in the valley of change.

—Shannon L. Adler

Duff photo

Duff here. Self Worth is like a Gem. And when You turn a diamond in Your Hand, the Sparkles from the Many Cuts within bounce a beautiful Spectrum. (Personally, I love to chase the Reflections of the Sparkles on the Wall. Why, I can entertain Myself all Day long.) That’s running free and living unstuck.

These Colors are all part of the Whole. But It’s sad so many Folks forget Their Inner sparkle with all those Facets. Their own Self Worth gets covered up by “I-gotta-do-this” or “this-is-what-a-mom-does.” But like in a magician’s Trick; once the Dark Cloth is whisked away? Courage fills Them as Pride and accomplishment Begin to Shine. They have stepped onto the Freedom Plane, the flight assured. They discover Who They are. Curious. Happy. Living unstuck.

How about You? Figured out Your Worth? Or wallowing in the Same Crater? I say: Climb out and Enjoy the Sunshine. Polish off Your Pride and wing Your Way to freedom. I’ll be right There to Sparkle along with You. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#self-worth


Self-image sets the boundaries of individual accomplishment.

—Maxwell Maltz

Duff here. I don’t know about You, but My Self-Image has always been Top Notch. Ever since I was a Little Pup, I thought I was really Something. I described before how I got Mom to fall in love with Me when She first laid eyes on Me. (The Old Trick of snuggling My Nose into Her jacket still works to this day.) The interesting part is: I never thought about Myself in any other Way. As a result, I can achieve Whatever I set My mind to Do. Living unstuck.

Mom and I help other People who don’t have This Mindset . . . yet. I do My part as a Cute therapy Dog. And She does hers as the Therapist. Together, We help Others reset and expand Their boundaries of What They thought possible. Rather than a narrow Focus (this is All I am) the lens of Their Lives takes on a Much wider View. Empowering. Heartwarming. Living unstuck.

How about You? Is Your view of Your world restricted? Or is It wide Open, ready to explore and Experience all That is? I say: Go for the Gusto. Enjoy every minute. I’d recommend You start with what You do Right. Your smile. Your consistency. Your kindness. Build from there. That’s living unstuck. #unstuck-living#Self-image

The Importance of a Haircut

Duff photoDuff here. Last week, I got to Meet and Greet with Ashley, My Groomer. Always a festive and Joy filled Event, for I feel So much better after My Coat is trimmed. And this cartoon of Cousin Fred reminded me of my Puppy Days. I would Scamper and Romp about in the House, running The Halls and Skidding through Corners. This Activity was just fine for a while, but I am part Shi-Tzu. My fur is long and Luxuriant, with a curl from the Toy poodle side of My Birth mom’s family. Soon I was Bumping into Walls, door Jambs, Furniture. Anything in front of me was fair Game. Definitely not unstuck.

At first, Mom thought I was going Blind. Anxiety reigned. Not a Good Scenario. But then, inspiration hit. She lifted My Bangs. And there were My pretty Brown Eyes, steadily regarding Her. Time for the First Haircut, for I couldn’t see much. My Forelock was shortened. And I got a Sanitary Cut, making Potty time much easier. I rejoiced and Continued to play. Felt like a New Puppy. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You let Your Hair grow long and Shaggy? How do You feel? Or do You get a Trim on a Regular basis? I recommend the Latter. I have found I look Sharp, feel better and Garner those Compliments when I do. You will Too! Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#the-importance-of-a-haircut

Looking good isn’t self importance; it’s self respect.


Opportunity is Always Knocking

Opportunity is always knocking. The problem is that most people have the self-doubt station in their heads turned up way too loud to hear it.

—Brian Vaszily

Duff photoDuff here. I contemplated this thought the other day. You know. In my Inimitable Doggy Fashion. With My head on My paws, Watching the World go by. And it occurred to Me: Good Fortune is around every Corner. Today is the beginning of Labor Day weekend. A time of Fun and Frolic. Get-togethers with Friends and Family. Great music. And of course, let’s include the Dogs. Scrumptious foods, Games to play, Jokes to share and Reconnections of all Kinds. Unquestionably living unstuck.

But what happens if You huddle in your Abode over the next few days, Telling Yourself Some Negative Speculations. Such Things as: “I don’t have any friends.” Or “I’m too scared to go to that venue.” Or “What will people say if I go and I’m by Myself?” That Self-Doubt Station can abound and multiply, creating a Dark Cloud around You. You would be Living in that Stuck place.

I say: Change the Station. Tune into Laughter and Fun, Self-Confidence and A Love of Life. Include others, for Some of them might be listening to the Wrong Station, too. Think how you could Brighten Their Day! Another Cogitation: it never occurred to Me that Someone might not find Me Charming and Enchanting. I Go for Life with Gusto. And if They choose not to enjoy my Company? Well, too bad for Them. I encourage you: Enjoy Your weekend. And Intend Safety, as The Nice Lady who feeds me at the Knitting Group often says. Grab that opportunity, Change the Channel and live unstuck. #unstuckliving#releaseselfdoubt

Duck Bottoms: Diving Into the Depths

On my morning walk, I pass by a pond lined with plants of all types. The drought caused the water levels to get lower and lower over the summer, and I watched the waterfowl fly away to find more comfortable homes. Over time, they left in twos and threes until there were few left. Here on the Mountain we have been fortunate to have some monsoon moisture this year. After a microburst a few weeks ago, the pond was nearly full again. And the birds returned.

As I considered these flying creatures, it occurred to me: they are at home on land, in the air, and on the water. Remarkably adaptable, they can find nourishment on the ground or in the deeper depth of the pond. They scavenge for bugs and grubs in the tall grasses, protected from other predators that might lurk nearby. Duck bills are wide enough to gather up the bigger edibles.

These remarkable creatures can also dive deep beneath the surface, with their feathery bottoms in the air and webbed feet keeping them stable. I wonder: what do they see in the underwater habitat? These versatile feathered animals may bob back to the surface with bugs or a fish in their beaks. Or they may be unsuccessful and submerge themselves underwater once again to secure some nourishment. But they are as comfortable in the water as they are on land and in the air.

Are you as adaptable as these waterfowl? Able to duck your head into emotions to discover the authentic you? Or are you more comfortable on solid ground, connecting with the earth? A few tips to begin to know yourself are:

  • Find peace in the outdoors. Frenzied with the ongoing fuss of everyday life? Get out in nature and be still. You will be able to dive more in-depth when you feel calm and tranquil.
  • Spend 15-20 minutes each day in solitude. The inner mind is continuously chattering, searching for answers to untold questions. When still, your mind calms itself. Much easier to dive deep and discover your own inimitable treasures.
  • Discover flexibility inside of you. How adaptable are you? Can you both float on the surface of your being and plunge deep within when you choose? Both are skills worth developing.
  • Take stock of past patterns of behavior. To learn more about yourself, chart a timeline of past actions and attitudes. They will provide a map for both the present and future. This activity also makes goal setting, life focus, and purpose.
  • Get curious about yourself. Are you bored with life? Want to know more about yourself? Be adventurous and take the journey of discovery to who you are as a being. Bring your inner values to light and revel in who you are. You too can fly, be in the depths of feelings and ground yourself each day. You will travel farther and faster than you have ever dreamed.

I’m curious: how do you dive deep to discover what’s within you? How do you fly high? Or are you comfortable where you are? Let me know below in the comments.

Walking on Tiptoe

You can never leave footprints that last if you’re always walking on tiptoe.

—Leymah Gbowee

Duff photoGreetings! Duff here. I see so many people who go through their Lives on tiptoe. They stay Small and do not venture an opinion, for fear of saying the wrong thing. Or hurting another’s Feelings. When asked what they would like to do, they say “Whatever. It doesn’t matter to me.” Or if at a restaurant, they will defer and say, “I’ll have what you do” even if that’s not what they want. It’s as if they live in their little Fearful Box, too afraid to come out and be themselves. I can perceive their Insecurity and Tentative Natures in an instant, for I am a Powerfully Sensitive Dog when it comes to Feelings and Emotions. That’s being unstuck.

Now personally, I don’t have that Problem. I am Myself all day long. I live and eat and play as a Duff should: joyous, free and content. I have a Heart, a Mind, and a Voice. I speak my truths as openly as I can and use them for good. Many know me for who I am. They even recognize Me before they realize Mom is with me. (Which is a giggle). Like The Velveteen Rabbit of old, I am authentic and real. I live unstuck.

I ask: What will it take for you to realize you are Amazing? That you have Talents and Skills no one else has? That you know you could do Anything you wanted if you set your mind to it? I recommend standing in front of the mirror every morning as you tell yourself, “I love you. I like you. I trust you.” It will feel so good; you may even repeat those thoughts many times over. I have found it works wonders. And I suspect you will too. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#selfworth

Secure in Himself

The Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl. In the race to see what happens next for this team, an important pause is suggested. Carson Wentz, quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, led the team in a magical season for 13 games before being sidelined by an injury. But that didn’t stop him from being a leader and a coach for the other quarterbacks. Although he’s banged up, he still goes to team meetings and attends practices. Carson was in the locker room, celebrating the team’s victory. On Media Day, he showed confidence in his place on the team. Sure, he’s not “the guy.” He could have been in the shadows. But he was there. Living unstuck.

When the season started, it was like the Wentz Wagon was on a roll. All kinds of people in the car. Music blasting and people singing. The parade was on, with streamers and confetti. Then the wheel comes off. Now, Wentz is in the passenger seat. How to handle such a dramatic change?

He continued to be true to himself. He has been there to support the second string Nick Foles. Both Wentz and Foles are strong Christians and lean on their faith at times like these. As usual, he’s upbeat, bright and chipper. He’s enjoying the team victory, the dance of a group of athletic men moving together as one. Each with their specific role; their own task. Even though it would be easy to get stuck in the doldrums of rehabilitation, he’s all in.

I wonder how well I would do in a situation like this one. To work so hard and have a dream. Only to have that bubble popped as I was going down the home stretch. I would hope to be of the same caliber as Carson, to enjoy the moment and savor all that is going on. It may only happen once, for it’s a long slog to play the full 60 minutes each game all season long. But as Carson Wentz says, “I’ll be back better than ever.” You can’t have a worthier motto than that. Live unstuck. #UnstuckLiving

It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up.

—Vince Lombardi