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Opportunity is Always Knocking

Opportunity is always knocking. The problem is that most people have the self-doubt station in their heads turned up way too loud to hear it.

—Brian Vaszily

Duff photoDuff here. I contemplated this thought the other day. You know. In my Inimitable Doggy Fashion. With My head on My paws, Watching the World go by. And it occurred to Me: Good Fortune is around every Corner. Today is the beginning of Labor Day weekend. A time of Fun and Frolic. Get-togethers with Friends and Family. Great music. And of course, let’s include the Dogs. Scrumptious foods, Games to play, Jokes to share and Reconnections of all Kinds. Unquestionably living unstuck.

But what happens if You huddle in your Abode over the next few days, Telling Yourself Some Negative Speculations. Such Things as: “I don’t have any friends.” Or “I’m too scared to go to that venue.” Or “What will people say if I go and I’m by Myself?” That Self-Doubt Station can abound and multiply, creating a Dark Cloud around You. You would be Living in that Stuck place.

I say: Change the Station. Tune into Laughter and Fun, Self-Confidence and A Love of Life. Include others, for Some of them might be listening to the Wrong Station, too. Think how you could Brighten Their Day! Another Cogitation: it never occurred to Me that Someone might not find Me Charming and Enchanting. I Go for Life with Gusto. And if They choose not to enjoy my Company? Well, too bad for Them. I encourage you: Enjoy Your weekend. And Intend Safety, as The Nice Lady who feeds me at the Knitting Group often says. Grab that opportunity, Change the Channel and live unstuck. #unstuckliving#releaseselfdoubt

Opportunities Are Everywhere

Opportunities are everywhere. It’s up to me to find (or create) them and make things happen.


Duff here. I have found this to be true many times over. I personally create many opportunities every day. There’s always a favorable circumstance for me to be the Winning Dog I am and perhaps score a pat on the head or a scratch under my chin. I had a great chance to create a fortuitous opening the other day . . . and I took it.

There is a cute little boy who lives across the way from me. He has wanted to be friends with me for some time now. But I was cautious for in my Puppy Days a child about his size chased me. Frankly, it scared the wits out of me for that Boy wouldn’t stop his teasing. And with my Memory, I didn’t know the difference between my former problem and this Young ‘Un. Last week, though, he was out and about. I went right up to him and gave him my infamous Loving Licks. He was pleased and so was I. It wasn’t until later his mom told my mom the little fellow had just eaten a cheeseburger. The fragrance was still on his hands and his breath. Could have been an added impetus, but I had fun and he did, too. We lived unstuck.

How about you? Do you create those opportunities in your life for fun, frivolity and friendship? Do you extend yourself a bit? Make things happen? I say: Go for it. Life is too short to miss out on an adventure. Or a connection. Or even some Loving Licks. Live unstuck. #UnstuckLiving #opportunities #friendship

Adventuring About

Duff here. Have you ever had a yen to adventure? To explore something totally unknown to you? Well, I often do. There’s a hill alongside the place where I live with my mom. As you see from the pictures, I go way up on top, then tuck away into the nicest hidey hole of a nook in the mesquite you have ever seen.

And I have a mind of my own when adventuring. I come back when I want. My mom got excited (you might even say anxious) the first few times I went there, for I simply disappeared. She couldn’t see me. What a giggle.

But when she came after me and stepped into my secret place, she could sense the peace I experienced. And she understood why I liked to travel up there to explore. (Well that and to “claim my territory” from the other dogs who dared to venture into my realm. Can you imagine?)

Do you have a bucket list? How long is it? How many of your dreams have you completed so far? The Duff Advice is: start adventuring. Explore and fulfill your wishes. It’s never too late. Live unstuck. #UnstuckLiving

If you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.

—Erica Jong

Riding On His Shirttail

Last weekend New England was playing against the Atlanta Falcons. The game had just started but the players were fired up. The Patriots were close to the goal and pressing hard. The ball was hiked and tight end Rob Gronknowski picked up the short pass. He dinked the ball to wide receiver Brandin Cooks. Not all that unusual, but in this case the Gronk is 6’6″, weighing in at 265 pounds while Cooks is 5’10”, coming in at 185 pounds. Gronknowski began to move through a mass of huge men toward the goal, while Cooks grabbed onto his jersey and held on for dear life. Over the goal line for a touchdown. Cooks rode on Gronk’s shirttail. He got help from unexpected places. They played unstuck.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to “ride on someone else’s shirttail” until I can get my feet under me. The computer was a challenge until a very good friend stepped in and showed me the ropes. When learning to write, others who had good writing skills showed up in my path and paved the way. When I began public speaking, I hunted up presenters who taught me the basics. I’m a hypnotherapist, and my voice is important. I was able to enhance my voice, dropping it two levels, with the help of a speech therapist in a hospital. And I’m still learning. I am not shy about asking the pros for guidance and direction. Not about to stay in mediocrity, I live unstuck.

Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second.

—William James

Opportunities Are Coming!

On Monday Morning Football the debate was going hot and heavy about a new quarterback coming into the league. Rookie Mitch Trubisky was the second round draft pick for the Chicago Bears and was vying for the starting position. Talk was he was doing well for the Bears: calm in the pocket, no dancing feet or eyes darting all over the field. No anxiety for this young man. While he was not selected to be the starter at first, he continued to practice and prepare. He lived unstuck.

In the 5th game of the season word came out from his coach that the top 2017 pick of the draft would start in the game against the Minnesota Vikings. Some were uncertain, but Nate Burleson said, “You never know how much a horse can pull until you hook him up to a load.” The coach was going to test the new fellow’s abilities. Trubisky did well until he passed for the tying two-point play and threw an interception. The punch bowl tipped over. The lights turned off and the invitations rescinded. The other team kicked a three-point field goal in overtime and won the game. But Trubisky didn’t get stuck.

He continued to work with his team and has done well for himself ever since.

Nate’s comment has me thinking about opportunities. To reach as far as you can, to stretch and grow is admirable throughout life. No matter your age or situation, there are always doors that will open and people to help along the way. Knock on the door for options, for who knows what’s on the other side. You may be surprised. An open mind, aware of possibility, is the main ingredient for “testing the load.” For you never know . . . Live unstuck.

Is your mind open to adventure? Are opportunities headed your way? #UnstuckLiving

Perfect practice prevents pitifully poor performance.