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Cousin Clara and the Birthday Cake

Duff here. I wanted to share The Story of Cousin Clara and The Birthday Cake. She was a scalawag, always into Something. Following in My Footsteps, She chewed the toes out of Slippers. Nothing else but the Toes. And that Girl had energy! Running. Playing. Scampering about. Getting into Mischief. Generally living unstuck.

Her Master was celebrating His Second Birthday. So many Little People there to let loose and party for The Big Day! They played Games. Ran around the Yard. One wee fellow even Curled up for a Nap. (My style.) But Cousin Clara stole the Show. She snuck up on the Table and tucked Her Nose into the Birthday Boy’s cake. Oh what a To-Do! Her Mistress decided to take a Picture to commemorate the Occasion. Then Banished Her Pup to the Laundry Room. All was well for everyone but Clara. Living unstuck. How about You? Have You gotten into Mischief? Then got Caught? And perhaps Banished? I say: Every now and Again, Push the Envelope. Test those Limits. And I recommend You look innocent If Found Out. That’s what I do. It works. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#banished-pup

I solemnly swear I am up to no good.

—J.K. Rowling

(Cousin Clara’s motto)

Heroes and Privilege

Rock bottom has built more heroes than privilege.


Duff here. Have You ever been at the Bottom of Life’s Barrel? I mean, absolute Rock Bottom? Every now and Again, I get into that mode and Wail. Bemoan My fate. Wonder what other Canines are doing. This occurs when Mom leaves Me in the Car when She goes in and pays for Gas. Or into Grocery markets with food. Or restaurants. I bark. And Fuss and Bounce around. I am at Rock Bottom. Not unstuck at all.

But then . . . lo and behold. She returns, smiles and taps on The Window. I am fierce as I defend My Car. (For it is My Vehicle.) I go from the Front To the Back, letting Her know I am at the ready to take on Any Intruders. When She gets back inside My Vehicle, I greet Her with enthusiasm. I am a Hero to her, and I know it. Living unstuck. How about You? Have You hit rock bottom? Then bounced back up to New heights? I say: It’s worth The Struggle. And You’ll build Character, too. (And Mom says I’m a real Character.) That’s living unstuck #unstuck-living#heroes-and-privilege

The Heaviness of Gravity

As you age, gravity gets heavier.


Duff here. Mom was chatting with a Neighbor, and He came up with This profound statement. Have You ever noticed every Now and Again, Your Toe catches on Whatever? It could be a Rock. Or a Curb. Or the Running Board of a Truck. Mom caught her Toe when going down a Flight of Stairs the other day and took a Tumble. (When that happens, I steer Clear. No telling What will happen then.) She was Not living unstuck.

But Wayne had a Possible Reason for Why this is So. It seems as We age, Gravity gets heavier. The Feet don’t lift as high. The Legs don’t react as well as they did when We were 20 years old. We gauge the same Distance all Right, but the Mind doesn’t always cooperate with the Body. Even I have found This to Be the Case: I trip every Now and Again, in eager anticipation of Catching a Rabbit. Or chasing a Squirrel. But All is well. That is the Exception, rather than the Rule. I keep Stepping along and Revel in the Stroll. Living unstuck. How about You? Do You have a Time when You catch Your Shoe on an Obstacle? Or trip on Something Insignificant? I say: Slow down and Enjoy the Ride. You and I will both get there when We need to. And now that You know the Reason, We will all be better off for It. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#heaviness-of-gravity

Adjustment Part 2: Vindication

Duff here. First, I want to thank You, My Loyal Readers. You touched Mom’s Heart. Remember when She brought Home that Fluffy Bed? Yes, the One that was too Small. Well, We got comments, some Written and some Spoken, about the need for that Bed to go to Another Home. It needed a Smaller Dog. Out it went! Living unstuck.

Mom shopped. And Shopped. And finally brought Home two different Beds. One was Medium Sized, while the other was Large (for Me). I preferred the larger One, for I do Like to Lounge About. Thinking about it, This Adventure reminded Me of the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The Heroine had Focused on porridge at first, but then got down to the Important part: The Bed. Both She and I found exactly the Right Size of a Pallet. Now, that’s living unstuck.

How about You? Have You made a Decision in the Past? Then outside Input changed Things for the Better? And You got what You preferred? I say: Be patient. Life will Work out, and You’ll be content once Again. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#patience-rewarded

Stay patient and trust the journey.


My Nemesis: The Smoke Alarm

Duff here. A while ago, Mom and I were having a peaceful morning. The Sun was shining. Birds were singing. A gentle Breeze was wafting in the trees. When suddenly: the Smoke Alarm erupted with that Abysmal Sound. You know: the Dratted Chirp, Chirp. And those high Pitched Tones? Hurt My delicate ears. Not unstuck at all.

I slid off the Sofa and Sidled over To Mom, asking Her to make It stop. Please. (She’s good at doing That.) The dilemma? Mom was on her way out the door to Walk with a Friend. What to do? She thought for a Moment, Then gathered Me up. Down the Stairs We went, proceeding over to the Car. She Popped me inside, then Closed the door. At first, I barked once. Then Twice. But quickly realized the problem was Gone. (And Yes, she fixed it before I came back Into Our abode.) Living unstuck.

How about You? Have You had a problem Intrude on Your peaceful Day? Then had It easily resolved? I say: Cultivate solving problems in Multiple Ways. You never know when One will work. Or not. But with a Variety to choose from? Freedom! At least, that’s been my experience. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#smoke-alarms

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the silent voice at the end of the day that says, “I will try again tomorrow.”

—Mary Anne Radmacher

Mom’s Lesson

Duff here. It has been Snowing (a Lot) lately. I like to Romp and Play in That White Stuff. Do figure eights and skid down a Hill. And I’m sure it looks Nice if You are up Higher than 8’ off the Ground. The Drawback for Me? I get Snowballs around my Paws and on my Tummy. Is it Cold? You bet! But Mom has a Special Treatment for Me: She puts Me in the Tub and gently runs warm water over Me. Then wraps Me in a heated Towel so I can snuggle in for a Short Nap. That’s living unstuck.

Today, however, Mom forgot. I came in from My Cavorting and She paid Me no Notice. I even stood and stared, rather than my usual lying Down. Nothing. So I did the next Best Thing. I lowered My head and pretended to Vomit. That did it. Mom threw on her Jacket, her muffler, her Hat and her gloves (my, She was moving Fast) and out We went. I took Her on a Meander around our Home. And She was Puzzled. Still convinced I was Not feeling well. But when We stepped through the door, She Finally noticed those Very Cold Snowballs. Success! Took care of Me right Proper. Not stuck any more.

Do You have trouble getting a Message across at times? Is it Frustrating or What?! I say: If the Information is not received as You want, You have My permission to Take extreme Measures. Keep in Mind You have to connect with these people in the Future, so be Kind. Worked for me. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#extreme-lessons

At times, you need to be forceful to get things that are stuck unstuck.

—Christine Quinn

Coffee With Cream

Duff here. I was reminiscing about my Puppy Days last week. I really Enjoy coffee with Cream in It. How did that come About? So glad You asked. My Doggy Daddy had this beverage every morning. It was the Signal To Start the Day for Him. He would carefully measure out the Coffee Crystals. Next, He poured Hot water over Them into the Cup. After that, he would top it off with Cream. Lots of Cream. All the way to The Rim of the Cup. Then unsuccessfully carry it Over to his Big Blue Chair. I began my Affinity for this Drink by licking up the Drops left behind on the floor. I was living unstuck.

My Daddy would place the Cup on an End Table, with easy Access to the chair. I would watch Intently. When He left to do Something Important, I would hop up on His Chair and Very Carefully lean over the Cup. Quiet Slurping was my motto. When I heard Him begin to come Back to the Living Room, I would Quickly jump to the Ground and Sprawl Out on My bed. Talk about living unstuck.

Have You ever done Something naughty like This? Where it was Fun to Sneak Around and Accomplish a feat with No One knowing? Hallowe’en is coming. Is it time to Maneuver a very small candy bar from the bowl? One just for You? I say: Right on! Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal. You can walk off the calories tomorrow. Live it up and live unstuck today. #unstuckliving#sneakattackforfun

Spontaneity is the best kind of adventure.

—Wanderlust Storytellers