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Duff here. I tend toward Mischievousness every now and again. Now, Mom takes Good Care of Me. And that includes Vitamins and other Supplements. One gem is a Hard tablet, which My Tummy could not Tolerate in Volume. Next step? Mom carefully whacked The Offending Pill into quarters. Smaller portions for Little Dogs that are carefully stuffed into a Piece of Meat. (This was the last Resort, for I rejected Peanut butter.) That’s living unstuck.

But for the Sake of variety, I decided to be Contrary. I wormed the Small Piece out of the piece of Chicken, and carefully placed it on the far Side of the Dish. Some Quarters were even tucked in Behind My water Bowl. Devious. But Mom found out about My Mischief. And promptly took other Measures to get the Product inside Me. I even smiled at her as She did this, laughing at Myself. Living unstuck.

How about You? Have You tried to get away with Something? And got Caught? I say: When You’re caught, acquiesce with Good Graces. You might even Smile or Laugh at Yourself. Makes the Medicine go down Smoother. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#mischief

I think I have a sense of mischief and that I can laugh at myself.

—Eric Cantona

Smooth Sailing and Eddies

As I go on my morning walk, I pass a ditch. Small trees and shrubs line its path. Weeds and flowers are abundant. Sometimes it is filled with water to the brim, hustling along to a large culvert at the end of the road. It burbles and bubbles as it travels, paying no mind to anything but its journey. One time water flooded a nearby field, refreshing the grasses but causing havoc for the owner.

Then there are times when it is dry. I can see the bottom of the trench. It is cracked from exposure to the sun, not seeming to be useful to anyone. But once the water begins to move, this drainage area is ready to serve its function. The water flows once more.

Right now, there is movement in the ditch. Water is smooth as it glides along, rippling occasionally as rocks on the sides or the bottom interrupt its journey. Peaceful. Serene. Tranquil as it goes. But there are times when the water is blocked. Debris may pile up or the flow may narrow so much that there is no other place for it to go. Eddies are created as the water backs up, but are soon dispersed when the pressure increases and the flow continues once more. Drifting along to its final destination.

The flow in this ditch is much like your life. Sometimes, your world is filled with excitement and adventure. Just as the ditch when it is almost brimming over with water, you too have a busy life and are intent on your journey. Others may be involved or it could be a solitary trek. But the flow is rapid and quick, causing you to make snap decisions and move quickly to keep up with the flow.

Then there are times when there seems to be nothing going on in your life. To your way of thinking, your life is dull and boring. When this occurs, you might reach for a distraction: a food indulgence, binge watching a favorite series, picking a fight with someone nearby. Not necessary, but it can happen.

Your life can also move smoothly, with few ripples and waves to distract you from your goal. Everything falls into place, almost as if it was orchestrated. You feel calm inside. At peace. Content. Smooth sailing. But no challenges, so no growth.

Then there are the eddies. There are times when you have prepared and are ready for an event or occasion. Then life appears to stand still as you wait and wait. Almost going in circles as you watch life go by. But this is time for growth. It’s the opportunity to develop patience with yourself and go within, discovering the myriad of facets that are a part of you. What you find may surprise and delight you. Or again, you may move into being distracted and slow your learning. But much as the water in the ditch, the pressure of life’s energy increases. Your life picks up again and you are moving along, going with the flow.

I’m curious. What choices do you make? How do you react when your life is so busy you can hardly breathe? When it slows to a seeming crawl? When it’s smooth sailing and you’re going with the flow? When you come to an eddy? Take a moment before each movement and check your inner landscape. You can change it to what you would prefer and create another pathway in your mind. You can even have fun with your life, moving along with what happens. It’s all up to you. That’s living unstuck.


Duff here. This Morning, I came across some Bear Droppings on the road. Being a Canine, I checked it out. Thoroughly. Round little Berries and other Items I could not identify were all in this Compact Mound. The scent was Intriguing, The Form unusual for My Species. I was Curious, to say the least, but moved on after Intense Investigation. Living unstuck.

A moment after I was Finished, I heard a loud Ka-Boom! Then another Ka-Boom!  The Sound resonated through the Pines and Echoed along the Road. Mom and I were Unsure what It was, but ventured out a few more Feet. And saw a Huge Bear, doing its Best to overturn a Dempsey Dumpster. Last year, This Critter had multiple feasts from The Contents of that container. And It was back for More. However, this time It was thwarted by a Sturdy, Closefitting Lock. The Homeowner was victorious. (Note: We quickly Headed the other Way.) Now that’s living unstuck from all Angles.

How about You? Have You come up against a Dangerous Something? And Then used Caution and Good Sense to avoid escalation? I say: Choose the High Road. It’s the Best Way to Go. Especially when You’re Outweighed and Small. Live unstuck. #unstuck-lviing#caution

Better to be safe than sorry.

—Samuel Lover

Focus On Your Dream

When your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme.

—Jiminy Cricket in the movie, Pinocchio

Duff here. Have You given up on Your Dreams? I hope not! For I have Many. One is to Live a long Life. And Mom is doing everything in Her Power to make that happen. (Sometimes, this “Support” results in an upset Stomach. Or Whatever. Yech!) Another is to Play non-stop at Doggy Day Camp. I live for That! Yet another is to feast and Feast until My tummy is full. Living unstuck.

But my Heart is really into finally catching that Elusive Squirrel. I put all My Energy into the chase. We frolic and romp as He does His superb dodge and Weave, finally scooting up a Tree. But before that final Climb, I give it All I’ve Got to catch up to Him. (But I’m unsure what the Next Step would be. Never gotten to that Point, so I’m stymied. Perhaps leave Him be for the Next Chase?) Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You have a Dream? But are unsure of Your ability to achieve The Outcome? I say: Put Your Heart into Your Journey. Focus on it with all Your Might. You’ll be pleased with the Results, I guarantee. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#focus-on-your-dream

The Power of Naps

Think what a better world it would be if we all, the whole world, had cookies and milk about three o’clock every afternoon and then lay down on our blankets for a nap.

—Barbara Jordan

Duff here. Naps are the Very Best. I take them Quite often, for They restore My Spirits and give Me energy for What’s coming up next. After all, You never know: It may be something Big. Or small. It could be a True Adventure. (Mom and I are good at that.) But haw sad it would be if You were not Rested, Ready for excitement and Frolic. That would be Stuck indeed.

When I nap in the Winter, I like to be Totally covered Up. You know, with My fleecy Blanket over Me to snuggle into for Comfort. But this is Summer, and I have a Different Mode. All I need is for My nose to be tucked in and warmed Up. The rest of Me is just right, accepting gentle breezes and Pats alike. Living unstuck. How about You? Are You an advocate of timely Naps? Or do You avoid Them at all costs, concerned You wouldn’t sleep That night? I say: Give it a Try. Your Patience and good nature will be Restored. (You might even regulate Your temperature by Sticking Your foot out from under the Blanket.) That’s living unstuck. #unstuck-living#the-power-of-naps

Cousin Clara and the Birthday Cake

Duff here. I wanted to share The Story of Cousin Clara and The Birthday Cake. She was a scalawag, always into Something. Following in My Footsteps, She chewed the toes out of Slippers. Nothing else but the Toes. And that Girl had energy! Running. Playing. Scampering about. Getting into Mischief. Generally living unstuck.

Her Master was celebrating His Second Birthday. So many Little People there to let loose and party for The Big Day! They played Games. Ran around the Yard. One wee fellow even Curled up for a Nap. (My style.) But Cousin Clara stole the Show. She snuck up on the Table and tucked Her Nose into the Birthday Boy’s cake. Oh what a To-Do! Her Mistress decided to take a Picture to commemorate the Occasion. Then Banished Her Pup to the Laundry Room. All was well for everyone but Clara. Living unstuck. How about You? Have You gotten into Mischief? Then got Caught? And perhaps Banished? I say: Every now and Again, Push the Envelope. Test those Limits. And I recommend You look innocent If Found Out. That’s what I do. It works. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#banished-pup

I solemnly swear I am up to no good.

—J.K. Rowling

(Cousin Clara’s motto)

Heroes and Privilege

Rock bottom has built more heroes than privilege.


Duff here. Have You ever been at the Bottom of Life’s Barrel? I mean, absolute Rock Bottom? Every now and Again, I get into that mode and Wail. Bemoan My fate. Wonder what other Canines are doing. This occurs when Mom leaves Me in the Car when She goes in and pays for Gas. Or into Grocery markets with food. Or restaurants. I bark. And Fuss and Bounce around. I am at Rock Bottom. Not unstuck at all.

But then . . . lo and behold. She returns, smiles and taps on The Window. I am fierce as I defend My Car. (For it is My Vehicle.) I go from the Front To the Back, letting Her know I am at the ready to take on Any Intruders. When She gets back inside My Vehicle, I greet Her with enthusiasm. I am a Hero to her, and I know it. Living unstuck. How about You? Have You hit rock bottom? Then bounced back up to New heights? I say: It’s worth The Struggle. And You’ll build Character, too. (And Mom says I’m a real Character.) That’s living unstuck #unstuck-living#heroes-and-privilege