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Pickup Time at Doggy Day Camp

Duff here. I had an Adventure I simply must Share with You. After a big storm, Mom came to pick Me up at Doggy Day Camp. It had snowed, then melted. In My part of the World, Roads turn to Sticky Mud. When I run through It, My Paws make a sucking sound. The marks I leave are a Sight to behold. To Me, living unstuck.

The Owner of My Spa came out of the Kennel with Me in the Carrier. Mom hadn’t brought the Outer door, so She was using her Body to block the Opening. I couldn’t escape to greet My Mom! But More Importantly, I couldn’t land in the Mud and spread it All over the Car. Mom finally gathered Me up, and put Me in the Front Seat. I was so excited, I flipped Myself over, wedged Myself in and couldn’t get off My back. Mom was eventually Helpful (after a Giggle or two) and helped Me right Myself. (Santa will leave Coal in Her Stocking this year for doing That.)  Living unstuck.

How about You? Have You been in a Tight Spot, and a Friend came to Your Rescue? Or did Your Buddy just laugh and Let You work it Out? I say: Count on the Good Friends. They may Smile but will always come Through in a Pinch and give You a hand. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#doggy-day-camp

May you never be too grown up to not search the skies on Christmas Eve.


Friends in High Places

Duff here. I had an exciting Adventure the other Day. I was leaving My office and there was a Big White Truck in the parking lot. You may remember: My Very good Friends had that same type of Vehicle in My previous Escapades. And I went All out in Greeting. I circled the truck, barking furiously in My inimitable Hellos. “Let Me In! I want to meet and Greet.” Living unstuck.

Suddenly, a Big Black Labrador Retriever stuck His head out of an Open Window. And Looked at Me. No sound. Just a Curious look. For I was about the Size of His Head. I doubt He had ever seen a Critter as small as I was (that Sounded like a Dog.) I stood on My hind legs to get a Better View, but it was to no Avail. My New Friend was in a High Place. Mom finally picked Me up and We met. I didn’t know what to do with Him, for He was much larger than from My on-ground perspective. But after a time I connected with My New Buddy. All was well. Living unstuck.

How about You? Have You had a Friend in a High Place? And were unsure how to Connect? I say: Give it a Shot. A wise man once said something about making new friends and influencing People. And I have found that to be true. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#friends

A friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails.

—Donna Roberts


I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.

—Mother Teresa

Duff here. As I was contemplating this Perspective, I realized Mom and I are a Team. She is the Pack Leader, even if our Pack is just One Dog. (That’s Me.) And yes. We watch the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan. (Some of those Dogs. Really! Not a Team at all.) But We work to Puzzle things out and solve Problems . . . Together. That’s living unstuck.

One time, Mom got Busy and didn’t pay Attention to Our Food pantry. Usually She’s Aware of the level of Groceries available, especially Munchies for Me to eat. But Not this time. She opened the Fridge and stood there for so Long, I had to come Stand next to Her for support. And as I peered inside, I was shocked. Shocked, I tell You. There were Greens, veggies, fruit and some Cheese. But no Meat for The Duff. And I looked Sad. Downright mournful. Truly stuck.

Solution? We decided to pop over to the Market and Pick up something tasty for Dinner. Dilemma gone and I was a happy Pup. The Way to Go! Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You share Your expertise when Solving a Problem with Friends? Or let Them flounder? I say: Pitch in and Lend a Hand. Resolution comes Quickly then. And it’s much more Fun. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#teamwork

Dogs Are Family

Duff here. Yesterday, Mom was telling Me about Her family. She and Her Brother were raised in a Fun Neighborhood. There were 47 Kids on the block. Never a lack of a Buddy to Do something With. This time of year Heralded Summer. School was out. Time to Play. Since computers and Air Conditioning were not Yet invented, Outdoors was the place to Be. She had a Bike and would ride to Many Places. The Park with its playground. The Pool to get Cooled off. Polliwog Pond to watch the tadpoles eventually turn into Frogs. Living unstuck.

She and her Family had many potlucks with Neighbors. I suspect I would have liked to Taste some of those Delicacies. And yes, there were Dogs in Some of These Families. There was Coco, the Chihuahua, next Door. And Zsa Zsa, the Dachshund next to Her. They would bark and Howl at Fourth of July fireworks. And there was a Mutt down the Street. All part of That Family. Mom had a Small Dog for a Brief time. But That Pup Dug up the Camellias in the back yard. Short-lived Stay. Not unstuck at all.

Mom and I are definitely Family. She and I are Very close. We are a Team, both at the Office and at Home. Love abounds, and that’s How It Is. And how about You? Is there a Special Canine or Two In Your Family? I sure hope so, for My Species will bring Delight and Joy to Your Heart. Truly living unstuck. #unstuck-living#dogs-are-family

Life is beautiful. It’s about giving. It’s about family.

—Walt Disney

P-Mail Connections

Duff here. I like to get Mail from Others. Some send Me actual Greeting Cards. Can You imagine How excited I am to receive Them? Very! Mom reads Their verses to Me in Gentle Tones and I know I am Loved. Mom also sends our clients Valentine’s Day cards and Thanksgiving greetings. A few years back, a Lady called in Tears. She told Us it was the First Valentine She had received since Her husband passed 21 years earlier. Such a Small Gesture to warm the Heart. Living unstuck.

My way? To Leave P-Mail along My walking Path. Other Animals, be they Canines, Chipmunks, squirrels or Bears, leave Their messages, too. And I am Fearless with this practice. I carefully check out the Scent. (Bear Scat and Horse Manure? Not My favorites.) And if I feel so led, I leave a Yellow P-Mail for My Buddies. We communicate Quite Easily in this manner, saying “Hello!” And “Howdy!” One Pet down the Road thinks He owns the Area. But Not so. I persevere to convince Him, for I live unstuck.

How about You? Do You keep in Touch Often? Sometimes? Never? I say: Enjoy being connected. Leave a Voice mail. Text a companion. Tell Your Mom You love her. Happiness will blossom and You will feel Your Heart Open to the Wonder of Others. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#connection

Faith makes all things possible . . . Love makes all things easy.

—Jeffrey R. Holland

You Are Such a Light

A candle is a small thing. But one candle can light another. And see how its own light increases, as a candle gives its own flame to the other. You are such a light.

— Moshe David

Duff here. Mom and I have many Good Friends who are Jewish. Their Celebration of Lights begins on Sunday, and We want to honor the Holiday. As the Story goes, a small Quantity of oil, to light The Temple’s Menorah, miraculously lasted for eight days. It’s amazing to Me that There was enough Oil in that vessel to continue burning for that long. A True Miracle! To recognize the Event now, Gifts are exchanged and parties Thrown for that Length of Time. My goodness. Now that’s really Living Unstuck.

On another Note, a Friend of Ours who is Jewish holds a Special Place in My Heart. He took it upon Himself to help Socialize Me when I was Younger. He had Many Dogs. And He thought I might be lonely, for I am a Single Canine. (There’s just Me in Our home.) He thought perhaps His dogs could Light the candle of Friendship. Mom dropped Me off at His Place, and He gently introduced His Pups to Me. Alas, I am a Shy Dog. I was having none of that and immediately scooted under the Steps of the Porch — no unstuck living that day for me.

Do You have Friends who are Jewish? I say: Help Them revere the Occasion and wish Them A happy Hanukkah or Hanukkah Sameakh. They will appreciate Your Thoughtfulness and may even Share the History of that Time with You. My Friend did with Mom and Me, and We have long Remembered it. Happy Hanukkah! #unstuckliving#happyhanukkah

The Aroma of Skunk

Duff here. When at My regular Haunt to do My Business the other day, I encountered an Interesting Scent. It was pungent. It was aromatic. It was all encompassing. It was fragrant. And I was intrigued. What in the World could have an Aroma such as This? I wanted to Find out and make friends with the Critter of the Source. But Mom was having None of It. “No. You don’t want to meet up with a Skunk,” She said. (She is the One Who Must Be Obeyed.) And redirected My wanderings for the Perfect Place to take care of My affairs. She lived unstuck, but not Me.

I carefully Sidled back to That Place of Alluring scents. After a moment or Two, Mom caught onto my Shenanigans. Back I went, two or Three times. Mom tried to explain It wasn’t the Best Place for Me to be. But I was persistent. Finally, Mom laughed and Picked Me up. (Bet She was glad I only weigh 12 pounds.) She walked up the Road and Gently placed Me in another Spot. Not nearly so odorous. But It would do for My purposes. We then both lived unstuck.

How about You? Have You headed for a Disastrous Place, only to have a Friend save You from Yourself? I say: Thank Them for their Kindness. They will Save You a lot of Misery in the End. And You’ll be Better off for It. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#kindnessoffriends

If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal.