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Fuel Your Future

Don’t get stuck in your past, use it to fuel your future.


Duff here. I strongly Believe this To be True. As background, Let Me describe My past. I began My life as the Runt of the Litter. Everyone else around Me was Bigger. And faster. And could Push harder. Some may have Stopped right There. Acted shy. Be timid. Stay at the Back of the Crowd. But who wants to be Stuck like that?

When My Mom first laid eyes on Me, it was Love at First Sight. My First Doggy Mommy gently placed me in Her lap. I snuggled up Under Her jacket. And that sealed the Deal. I was so Irresistibly Teeny She melted on the Spot. See how it works? I used My Past to fuel My Future. We have been Happily Together ever since. Living unstuck.

How about You? Are You stuck in Your Past? Or even stuck in a Current Problem? (Chasing squirrels is an issue for Me. I can never catch them.) I say: Take what You learned and Move forward. Time is on Your side if you start now. Sort it Out. Work it Through. I know You can do It! Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#fuel-your-future

The Past: A Place of Reference or Place of Residence?

The past is a place of reference, not a place of residence.


Duff here. My past has been full of Eventful Deeds. I began as a Puppy, with all that entailed. So much to learn! How to Sit. Standing very Still for Mom to get my Harness hooked Up. How to Heel. When to get into My Carrier, My safe Place. A funny story about that: Years ago, after staying at A Wonderful kennel, Mom came to Pick Me up. The owner of the Facility was puzzled by My lack of Training. She asked my Mom to Watch. Then pointed to My carrier and said, “Crate!” I stood there and looked up at her, then Mom, concerned I had not Done Something correctly. Not living unstuck.

The Owner turned to My Mom and commented on My lack of Obedience. Mom started to smile, Which did not help The Situation. When asked what She did, Mom sheepishly said, “Hip hop in Your carrier, Duff.” And in I went, like the well Trained Canine I am. Now I understood. My Frame of Reference was clear. I was living unstuck. And I went on from There, learning Much of what the World had to teach me. Not stuck in The Past. And there’s more to Come.

How about You? Are You using the Past as a reference to Move on to Other Adventures? Or is It a Residence where You have camped out? I say: Time to Pack up Your Tent and Move along. You never know what Will be waiting for you. The Journey is risky but Oh-So-Rewarding. Time to Stretch. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#stuckinthepast