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Good Habits

Nothing is stronger than a habit.


Duff here. The other day I was a pooped Puppy by the Evening. The hours flew by and I was Very Busy. And I think You may agree: At the End of some Days, You are Tuckered. Out. That’s the sign of Time Well Spent. That’s living unstuck.

But Positive habits die hard. I had My Evening meal. Mom hooked Me up to Sashay out for the last Walk of the Day. And I stopped and Stared straight ahead. Mom knew the Day had been a challenge for Me. So She picked Me Up and carried Me to My Special Spot. (The One where I can always find the perfect Place to leave My Mark.) We stood there for a Time. Enjoying the Breeze, Taking in the Sunset. Just celebrating Life. Living unstuck.

Then I looked up at Her and asked, “Are We done here?” You see, I didn’t need to Relieve Myself. But the Habit was so Strong, We followed the Way We had “always” Done things. We lived unstuck to Reinforce a Good Habit. After that, I crashed for The Evening. Now that’s living unstuck.

How about You? Do You sometimes Do something because that’s the way You’ve always done it? Or do You vary Your pattern? I say: If it’s a good habit, Keep on Keepin’ On. It will serve You well in the End. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#good-habits

Everyday Rituals

With all the uncertainty of the world, there is comfort in everyday rituals. For instance, I am fond of many familiar little routines that begin my day. Some people feel there’s a direct correlation between the ability to keep the eyelids open and the number of cups of coffee imbibed. For me, things like fresh water in the hot pot for that morning cup of tea sets up my day in a positive way. Even before then, I wake and stretch in bed with an awareness of my attitude. If it’s less than optimal, I focus on changing that mindset before I even get up.

As the water heats for that early tea, I briefly check the computer. It’s an indulgence to see what’s happening in my little part of the cosmos. Then I let Duff out of his den (his very own carrier) and rub his ears as I sing him “Good Morning, Morning” by Donna Fargo. This simple activity cheers both of us. Touching his silky fur grounds me for the day.

There’s nothing like the promise of a morning walk (and the immediate threat of poop somewhere inconvenient) to remind me of the importance of putting one foot in front of the other. We head out for a saunter to check out the day and the neighborhood. The Duff and I have already determined which homes have fiercely barking dogs, which old “puppy friends” he will greet and which spots smell the most enticing. We meet neighbors, checking on the latest news and general health of everyone. At times, it’s a solitary walk, for we are out early. To hear the sound of birds chirping and the muffled sounds of the town heralds the day’s soft beginnings.

I look forward to a regular phone chat with a friend. We touch base every morning and evening to see how the day went. I have also been gifted recently with another evening call, one that I treasure. These are welcome heart connections, and I count on them.

I don’t think I’m unusual when I tend to like the illusion I can control outcomes or take charge of difficult problems. As I sink into the pleasure of an everyday ritual, that need vanishes. Funny how all of the little comforting activities that come to mind are related to sameness and continuity.

If you’re searching for that mindful behavior, I have a few suggestions.

  • Make your bed. Taking little to no time, this routine reminds me to get my outer world cleared for the day. This simple process also makes the bed feel more inviting on my return.
  • Nurture life. What a gift to notice the cycle in nature. A garden, or even adding a small grouping of herbs on the windowsill, can bring attention to how plants thrive during the seasons.
  • If you’re anything like me, I have trouble remembering to fit in those eight daily glasses of water. If I begin my day with a healthy chug, I’ve already started the day on the right foot.
  • Set intentions. While my day is often clouded by to-do lists, setting small personal intentions can help establish a feeling of control in my environment.

The rhythm of my walks and early tea has taken on a ritual status. But you don’t need a dog for an ongoing morning activity or a schedule for a specific call. And it needn’t take a lot of time. With that ritual comes the benefits of comfort, tranquility and certainty. I’m curious: what are yours? Feel free to comment below.


Feel underappreciated? Frank Gore should. He is a star running back for the Indianapolis Colts and is in the top 5 all-time rushing players. As a claim to fame, he has twelve 1,000 plus yard rushing seasons. At 33 years old, Gore already has 1,000 yards this year and is bound to surpass his own record. And all this, while playing on not-so-good teams the majority of his career. He was first drafted by the San Francisco 49ers, and struggled with a team that suffered numerous losing seasons. That is until Coach Jim Harbaugh stepped onto the scene. Gore helped lead the 49ers to the Super Bowl in 2012. Talk about an unstuck man!

According to his coaches and teammates, Frank doesn’t seem to age. His major qualities for success? Heart, vision, intuition and longevity. He is passionate about how he plays, about life. He has far-seeing vision both on and off the field. His intuition serves him well, for he creates spaces on the field . . . then flies through them. His longevity is legendary: he has played for 12 years and shows no signs of stopping or slowing down. As Frank says, “If you love this game, you’re gonna step up to the plate.”

What a role model! What’s interesting to me is he doesn’t allow the overall level of his team to dictate how well or how poorly he plays. He brings the same sterling quality onto the field each time he plays. Consistency is key, for he is running his own race. Frank doesn’t bother to check how his competitors are doing or how well another running back might be holding up through the season. He is challenging himself to do his best no matter the situation. He is living unstuck.

How about you? Time to make New Year’s goals is fast approaching. How would you like to challenge yourself? Be it large or small, you can compete against yourself . . . and win. Live unstuck!   #Unstuck Living

Quality is not an act; it’s a habit.