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My Gift

Duff here. Last week, I got My Hairs cut. Grooming is a Wonderful occasion for Me. I am shampooed with Some good Smelling stuff. Then I am Clipped. My Muzzle, so I can see the World. My paws, to stop tracking Mud into our Place. My Body, to reveal My Svelte Self. I feel so good that I Prance and…

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A Happy Person

A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes. —Hugh Downs Duff here. There are times it’s a Challenge to be a Very Small Dog. I take eight steps or more with Each Step of Mom’s. Of course, that counts for the fact I have Four…

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The Blue Cheese Caper

Duff here. The other day, Mom opened the Refrigerator. And Immediately, a Foul Odor came rolling out of Its Bowels. Mom made a Stench Face, and I immediately had to Come over and Investigate. I stood next to her as She Cleared out the Fridge, cleaning as She went. (The Cold Box probably needed it anyway.) My goodness, We had…

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Coronavirus Anxiety?

A lot of us understandably feel anxious about what’s doing with Coronavirus. Fear about getting sick. Panic about not having enough food and supplies. Concern about work or school. And just plain uncertainty about how it’s going to play out in the coming weeks and months. All of these thoughts lead to anxiety. And what to do about managing this…

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Resilience Over the Years

Love many. Trust few. Learn to paddle your own canoe. —Vanilla Beane, 100-year-old milliner Duff here. Recently, Mom and I watched an interview with The Hat Lady, 100-year-old Vanilla Beane. What a woman! Think of all She has seen in Her Life: From horse and Buggy to the Space Shuttle, and everything in between. Born in the South, She followed…

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The Magical Little Things

March is here. And once again, this month is having a hard time deciding: is it springtime? Or is there still a touch of winter? Balmy days with gentle breezes may herald an early spring for a little while. Then wham! Mother Nature sends a blast of winter, filled with colder weather and sharp, biting winds. Not quite time to…

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Duff here. On this day, I think Everyone needs a Touch of Shamrock. The luck of the Irish to you and yours! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! You’ve got to think lucky. If you fall into a mud hole, check your back pocket—you might have caught a fish. —Darrell Royal