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The North Side

Snow! This white moisture is falling as I write. And I was reminded how beautiful snowflakes are when they spin and float. The wind may push these flakes into drifts. They become heavier in some spots. And lighter in others. Tucked away in crevices. They get stuck where they land. But here’s what is most interesting: when the sun comes…

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Duff here. Once again, Mom had an Important Thing to Do that did not include Me. Mostly because She was going to a Restaurant to enjoy a meal with Friends. Did You know The Powers That be won’t allow a Canine in the facility? Something about mixing Dogs and Food. I mean really! So She tucks Me into the office….

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Love Is In the Air

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt. —Charles M. Schulz Mom and I (and Snoopy of Charlie Brown fame) wish You a Happy Valentine’s Day. You are Our Special Valentine! #unstuck-living#valentines-day

Happy Heart Time!

Duff here. Valentine’s Day is on the way, with emphasis on Chocolates and flowers. Mushy songs of Love and Romance are broadcast everywhere. Folks walk into stores and What do they see? Red hearts. Squeezable teddy bears. Cards and treats. Sparkling balloons. All in red and white. I think St. Valentine went overboard when he first began this tradition. Little…

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My Stellar Interview

This is the one time where television really fails to capture the true excitement of a large squirrel predicting the weather. Credit: Bill Murray, Groundhog Day Duff here. This year, I had the honor and Privilege of interviewing Punxatawney Phil. I understood “Groundhogese” from My puppy days, and He got the General Drift of My words in Bichy-Poo-Shitzu. I had…

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My Fluffy Tail

Duff here. One of the more endearing Qualities I have is My Fluffy Tail. It comes up in a Snow white pom-pom and sways with Me as I walk. Or Trot. Or flat out Run. Mom particularly appreciates it when I am a Lion Dog in tall Grasses. Being Height Impaired, I can easily get swallowed up in these Dense…

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Did you ever have to finally decide? Say yes to one and let the other one ride? —John Sebastian, The Loving’ Spoonful Duff here. I was thinking about Decisions the Other Day. Big Ones and little ones. The kind that are Life changing. And others that are of the everyday Variety. I have watched People become Stressed Beyond belief when…

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