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Mom’s Cold. Time for More Bedding.

Duff here. The thermometer registered 12 degrees when Mom returned from Her early morning Walk the Other Day. We go out earlier for My Constitutional, but that Sashay is relatively brief. Her walk Lasts about an Hour. And She was Very cold when She came back through the Door. I was Content, but apparently felt Cool To Her Touch. The Drill goes like this: Mom’s cold. Therefore I must be Too. But please note: I was Minding My own business, Lying on My End of the Sofa. Living unstuck.

After She encased me in a heavy Towel, Mom warmed another blanket in the Dryer. She placed that One on Me too, in hopes I would Warm up. (I think the Situation would have improved mightily if She was the one Wrapped in the warm Blanket.) Satisfied She had done her Duty as a Doggy Mommy, She moved on to other Errands. After a Short While, I was panting. A Lot. I slid out from under the Covers and Lay on My Back in the middle of the Room. I was Cooling off. Now that’s living unstuck. I appreciated Her concern, but Enough. And all was Well.

What about You? Do You have Friends or Family who do Well meaning things for you? Have You found: Some Things are appreciated, while Others may go overboard? I recommend: Follow My lead and thank them. Then Do what You need for Your Own well Being When The Time is Right. A Caution: Don’t be within Arm’s reach when Mom gets Cold. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#carefrommothers

A kind word (or deed) warms three cold months.

—Japanese proverb

My Early Christmas Gift

Duff here. When I was a Puppy, Christmas was a very Special Time. Good Food was always cooking on the stove. Baking and candy Making was ongoing. The Aromas throughout the house were delectable. My Doggy Daddy made sure I was outside the kitchen proper, but You can be sure I was right at the Edge of that marvelous Place. During the Season, That was Allowed. I am still persistent when It comes to munchies and Such. With My pleading Puppy Dog eyes, I live unstuck.

Mom forgot I was a Puppy (how could That happen?), and placed a Food treat under the Tree. It was beautifully wrapped, with Ribbons and Sparkly paper. And what was Inside Smelled so good. Simply irresistible. There was No One around when I Stealthily snuck over to the Package. I carefully picked It up and carried it to My Abode. Mom caught on when She heard the gentle tearing of the Decorative wrap. But by then, It was too late. I had the parcel opened and Half the Treat devoured. How Mom laughed at My cleverness. But You know, She learned from That experience. Forever after, My Gifts were placed under the Tree only on Christmas Day, period. Living unstuck Her way.

How about You? Have a Memory of an Early Christmas gift that was Supposed to be a Secret? (But You discovered It.) Bet You were wiser than I was, and carefully rewrapped The Package once Opened. Now that’s living unstuck. I say: Look around the House at This time of year, for You never know what You’ll find. Just remember to Act Surprised when the Gift Giving commences. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#sneakysurprises

Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.

—Charles Schultz

The Season Has Begun

Duff here. Mom stepped out of the car at the Post office. And stopped Short. There was Santa’s Workshop. And all those twinkly colored Lights! Christmas is here. The Season has begun. I hopped out of our Car (just to Please Her), and She hooked Me up to My Leash. Off We went to enjoy the Sights. My Problem? I’m so Close To the Ground I couldn’t see The Glittering Effect in all its Glory. Mom tucked Me under Her arm so I could get Far enough off the Ground to appreciate the View. (I was more interested in Touching The Bulbs with My nose but to each His Own.) Talk about living unstuck.

The Lighting is up early This Year, and the Warm Feeling of the Occasion is oh-so-appreciated. Mom took Some Pictures to share with You so you could enjoy The Glow of The Lights too. I personally Think the reason the Lights have such an Effect is: It’s time for some Fun. Some Lighthearted Joy. Some Happiness. Some Peace. That can’t come Too Soon, Right? Living unstuck.

How about You? Do you travel about, Taking in the Christmas Lights? Gather up family and Friends and make an Evening of it? I say: The time to Do so is Now. Join Me and Cut loose. Celebrate the Season. You’ll have a Warm Feeling inside. I did. (Or perhaps it was Because Mom was Holding me, Keeping Me warm.) Live unstuck.

It really is the most wonderful time of the year.


The Aroma of Skunk

Duff here. When at My regular Haunt to do My Business the other day, I encountered an Interesting Scent. It was pungent. It was aromatic. It was all encompassing. It was fragrant. And I was intrigued. What in the World could have an Aroma such as This? I wanted to Find out and make friends with the Critter of the Source. But Mom was having None of It. “No. You don’t want to meet up with a Skunk,” She said. (She is the One Who Must Be Obeyed.) And redirected My wanderings for the Perfect Place to take care of My affairs. She lived unstuck, but not Me.

I carefully Sidled back to That Place of Alluring scents. After a moment or Two, Mom caught onto my Shenanigans. Back I went, two or Three times. Mom tried to explain It wasn’t the Best Place for Me to be. But I was persistent. Finally, Mom laughed and Picked Me up. (Bet She was glad I only weigh 12 pounds.) She walked up the Road and Gently placed Me in another Spot. Not nearly so odorous. But It would do for My purposes. We then both lived unstuck.

How about You? Have You headed for a Disastrous Place, only to have a Friend save You from Yourself? I say: Thank Them for their Kindness. They will Save You a lot of Misery in the End. And You’ll be Better off for It. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#kindnessoffriends

If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal.


My Limber Mom

Duff here. Mom and I were on Our Early Morning Sashay yesterday. (Was it Dark? Oh, yes.) As We came to the Bottom of Our Hill, Mom stopped in Her tracks. Strung across the Road was a Strong waist high Wire with Red Reflectors on it. And oh My, did They sparkle and Shine. What a surprise! Mom was perplexed: how to get To the Other Side? I had no Idea She was that Limber. Or Flexible. She bent over and Slithered beneath the Barrier, ready to continue Our journey. She lived unstuck.

As for Me? I stood there in Amazement. And Astonishment. I had no idea She was a Contortionist of that Level. And personally, I couldn’t see The Fuss. I had no Problem Walking under the Wire. Plenty of room. While I am Flexible, I don’t go to Those Lengths to Show Off. I make a Spectacle of Myself in Different Ways. I live unstuck.

How about You? Do You have Hidden Talents? Do you surprise Your Friends with Skills as Yet Unknown? I say: Have fun and Show Off every Now and Again. It’ll be a True Eye-Opener. And a Topic of Conversation for some Time to come. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#lifesurprises

Be infinitely flexible and constantly amazed.

—Carlos Barrios

Catching Up With Buddies

Duff here. Recently, I have had the Opportunity to catch up with Those I have not seen for Some Time. For Instance, some of Our Clients come on a bi-weekly or Monthly basis. (That’s a Very Long Time for a Dog.) When They arrive at the Doorstep of the Office, I do My meet and greet. No longer do I Jump up on Them, for I have learned My Manners. But I do tell Them how pleased I am to See Them in My Doggy Language. Up and down the Scale I Go, Letting Them know how Welcome They are in Our Place. I enjoy Them Thoroughly, for They are Part of My family. We live unstuck.

I also do This with Mom. Perhaps She runs a Short errand. Upon Her return, even if Only after a few Minutes, I tell her how Glad I am to see Her. I also share How I Protected Our abode. I have a ferocious Bark, well Able to let any Possible Intruders (or Even those I’m unsure of) know I am On Guard. I can Sound Fierce if needed, for That is part of my Job. But My Heart is Open to Friends and I live unstuck.

Do You do the Same? When You connect with a Pal You haven’t seen For Awhile, do You greet them Warmly? Tell them all about what’s Been happening in Your World? Do You laugh and share? And I’ll bet You spend Time Listening Intently to Their Stories too. I’m Encouraging that behavior. You have Learned your Manners, as I have. Revel In these Good Feelings and live unstuck. #unstuckliving#catchingup

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

—Marcel Proust

My Winter Wonderland

Duff here. My Winter Wonderland has returned in all its Glory. The day before the Snow Storm was Balmy and warm. Trees were getting Their Bright Colors for Fall, almost as if They were readying for a Celebration. Some were Red, while others were Gold and Yellow. Japanese maples were a Deep Burgundy while Aspens were a Bright Shimmering Lemon Color. Then the Breezes picked up and became a Gusting Wind. Mom bundled up in her Winter Attire, for the temperature was Dropping. I, however, Buck like a Bronco when Mom attempts to Put a Jacket or Sweater on Me. Believe Me, it is a Mighty Try. But I have made it Clear: I don’t need any more Padding on Me, thank You. I’m living unstuck.

The following Morning, the World was White. Mom and I could see our Breaths as We went out for the first Go ‘round of the Day. The Trees were loaded with heavy Snow, and those Fat Flakes were falling. They made a splat sound as They hit the Ground, for Their water Content was High. I was delighted. (To reminisce: when we lived in Another Place, I had a Buddy named Luciano Pavarotti. He was The Same size as I was, but all Black. We made a Pair! Black and White streaks in the snow, pouncing and Running.) Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You enjoy the Change in Seasons? If the temperatures drop suddenly, Do You grumble and Complain? Or Take Your Good Time With You and have Some Fun? I recommend: Take the Second Option. You will see the Sunny Side of Life, no matter where You are. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#winterwonderland#sunnysideoflife

It’s exciting to think that some of the best moments of our lives haven’t even happened yet.