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P-Mail Connections

Duff here. I like to get Mail from Others. Some send Me actual Greeting Cards. Can You imagine How excited I am to receive Them? Very! Mom reads Their verses to Me in Gentle Tones and I know I am Loved. Mom also sends our clients Valentine’s Day cards and Thanksgiving greetings. A few years back, a Lady called in Tears. She told Us it was the First Valentine She had received since Her husband passed 21 years earlier. Such a Small Gesture to warm the Heart. Living unstuck.

My way? To Leave P-Mail along My walking Path. Other Animals, be they Canines, Chipmunks, squirrels or Bears, leave Their messages, too. And I am Fearless with this practice. I carefully check out the Scent. (Bear Scat and Horse Manure? Not My favorites.) And if I feel so led, I leave a Yellow P-Mail for My Buddies. We communicate Quite Easily in this manner, saying “Hello!” And “Howdy!” One Pet down the Road thinks He owns the Area. But Not so. I persevere to convince Him, for I live unstuck.

How about You? Do You keep in Touch Often? Sometimes? Never? I say: Enjoy being connected. Leave a Voice mail. Text a companion. Tell Your Mom You love her. Happiness will blossom and You will feel Your Heart Open to the Wonder of Others. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#connection

Faith makes all things possible . . . Love makes all things easy.

—Jeffrey R. Holland

There’s a Bunny in There!

Duff here. I made an amazing Discovery this Morning: Bunnies live in Culverts. We were on Our Morning Sashay, and I began to follow a Scent. Being very Thorough, I checked Out the entire area. The ground around a Large Rock. Down the Road. On the driveway. The closer I got to the Culvert, the greater the Strength of the Fragrance. Curious. I ventured Down into the Ditch to get even Closer. Kazam! A Bunny flew out of The Opening, running as fast as His Paws could carry Him. What a startling Encounter! That’s living unstuck.

I was also astonished Something that Small could Live in an open ended Hidey-Hole. And even more: That Bunny was fleet of Foot. He ran like the Wind. Even faster than I can. I would have Caught Him, but Mom held Me back. I was on My leash, as a Proper Therapy Dog should be. (I suspect Mom saw the Bunny earlier, but wanted Me to enjoy the Thrill of Discovery.) Live unstuck.

How about You? Are You prone to Astounding Surprises? Or is Your life hum-drum and Boring? I say: Check out what’s around You. You may find Something Amazing. Unbelievable. And That will make Your Day. (Watch out for those Sprinting Bunnies. They’ll get You every time.) Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#delightful-surprises

The real voyage of discovery comes not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.

—Marcel Proust

Allergies . . . Again

Duff again. Allergy season is upon Us again. I watch People sneeze. They hack. They cough. Their Eyes water. Their nose runs. No sleep at night. Even Mom has this Malady now. I comfort Her by Sitting close By, looking sadly at Her with My Big Brown Eyes. What does That get Me? A Daily Sponge bath with a warm wash Rag. (Apparently My Fur attracts pollen like Nobody’s Business.) I don’t Mind, for this Ritual feels like a massage. That’s Living unstuck.

The other day, I, Myself, began to Sneeze. Once. Twice. Three times. Now, when I do This, it’s a Whole Body Activity. My chin hits the Floor. My body Wiggles. And My Tail moves almost Straight Out. Quite a feat for a Curly tail, I’ll tell you. After those Three sneezes, My Allergy Season was complete. I was finished, but this experience gave Me compassion for those who still are Suffering. They are not unstuck at all.

How about You? Are You miserable during This Dreadful Season? Or are You skipping along, content to Live Your life? I say: If you have a Choice, select the Latter. Seems to Be a Much easier way to Go. For those who are Having a Hard Time, My Commiseration to You. The Comfort I offer is: This Time will pass very Soon. Summer is on Its Way! Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#allergy-season

Compassion is an action word with no boundaries.


A Disappearing Act?

Duff here. I never know where People might go when They Enter the Office Powder room. They go into that Small Room. And close the Door. I listen intently, hearing the sound of assorted Noises. Very curious indeed. But I’m never convinced They will return. They might Disappear. So I curl up, Right outside the Entrance. Or at the End of the Hall. And wait. Finally, the Door opens, and Off We go. Living unstuck.

I have Reconnoitered this Small area and have never found anything of interest. Regular tiled Floor. A cabinet. A wastebasket. A sizeable White porcelain Gizmo that flushes. And no Other Exit. But I never know for Sure, so I Wait, secure in the Knowledge They will probably return. Just as They always have. Living unstuck.

How about You? Been in a Situation where Things happened in a Certain Way, but Then . . . You weren’t really certain. Perhaps it’s trying the Front Door to be Sure It is locked. Or Checking that Your keys are in Their Proper Place. I say: Better safe than Sorry. Take a gander to ease Your Mind. Or do as I do, and Place Yourself where a Person cannot miss You. It’s all part of Life. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#disappearing-act

The truth is, the fear doesn’t go away. Life is the dance of feeling the fear, but doing it anyway.


Daylight Savings Time

Duff again. We here in Arizona do not celebrate Daylight Savings Time. The Hours stay as They are, Much to My pleasure. But this Spring of 2019 was different. The little bedroom Clock chimed in the early Morning. Then Mom’s iPhone alarm began its tones, starting the day at 5:00 am. We both thought it Early, But what can You do? Confused living! Not unstuck.

Mom sleepily rolled Out of Bed. She tossed towels in the Washing machine. Got dressed and Hooked up My halter. Out We went to a Very Dark Day. Walked and walked, grateful for The Flashlight. (Did I mention Dark?) We returned Home, and Mom started fussing with the Timers for Our Lamps, convinced we had an Unnoticed power failure the Night before. But as She checked a Battery powered timepiece, She discovered: The Time on her iPhone was an hour off. How We laughed. And made the Adjustment, Pleased to Be In Synch with the World. Finally. Living unstuck.

How about You? Have You had Something Unusual come up in Your Life? How did You handle It? Smoothly? Or were You all futzed Up? I recommend the former. Laughter will iron out all The Wrinkles. And It makes Life more fun. Go for it. Live unstuck

The mind is like an umbrella. It only works when it is open.

—Scientist Sir James Jeans

Left Behind . . . Again

Duff here. The other day, We were going to Work. Mom loaded up the Car, double-checked Its contents. She fired up the Jeep and checked the Territory. Putting the Car in Gear, She carefully backed out. As She motored from the parking area, She looked in the Rear View mirror. And saw Me Twenty Feet away, smiling at Her and waiting patiently. I was Not Quite Ready to Leave. She was glad to see Me. But told This Dog in no Uncertain terms: Not living unstuck.

This situation had come up before at another Place. Mom checked, thought all was well and took off down the Road. (Little did She know I was investigating the back Yard.) After a few minutes with No Sound from the back seat, She pulled over and looked behind Her. No Duff. She sped home to find Me waiting on the Front Porch. (I knew She would come. How could She not?) Both times, She stopped, put the Car in Park and gathered Me up. Fussing over Me. So Glad to See Me. Living unstuck.

How about You? Have You forgotten Someone? And when You found Them again, You loved Them up? Glad for The Outcome? I say: It’s almost worth being Left behind for the Tender Hugs and Excited Cries. I revel in It, Myself. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#left-behind

He has not learned the lesson of life who does not every day surmount a fear.

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dead Ends

Duff here. Dead ends are discouraging. I was walking along in My Winter Wonderland, minding My Own Business. Playing with My Shadow. Running Circles around Mom. (Such fun To Do.) But then, It was Time to head back Inside. My Paws were cold. I could Warm up and be Ready for the Next Adventure. That’s living unstuck.

But first, there was a Big Road Block. I hit a Dead End. Seems that Someone had backed up Their truck, and what I thought was a Path was the Rut they Left behind. Drat! I stood there for a Moment, figuring out What My Next Move would be. Would I jump Across? Would I turn around? Would I wait for Mom to Pick Me up? (She does that Sometimes.) The Decision Drama ramped up. I quickly Backed Out and went on My Merry way. Living unstuck.

What about You? What do You do when You come to a Dead end? How do You figure out Your Choices? And How do You know which One is right For You? I say: It’s a Gut Feeling. Evaluate Your options. Then feel what’s Right. You’ll never go Wrong. I guarantee. For I don’t. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#bypss-dead-ends

Dead-end roads don’t mean you’ve come to your end; just means you need to take a different detour.

—Anthony Liccione