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Being Helpful

Duff here. I was thinking the other day how Helpful I am in many Different Arenas. It’s cold in Our Part of the World now. After Mom and I return from Our Walk, She grooms Me. Now, In the summertime, I hop off Her lap and curl Up on the other End of the Sofa. For if I’m on Her Lap, I get too warm. (Besides, I am not a Baby.) But It’s late fall, and 23 degrees outside keeps Us both moving. I snuggle in and serve as a Lap Warmer. This helps Us both live unstuck. 

I also Help to Cheer people up, should They be down in the Dumps. This Time of year, Folks tend to focus on Expectations. Like: Last Thanksgiving was a mess, and will probably be the Same this time Around. Curious. My Aunt Petunia was a Character. But once I learned to Relax and enjoy (rather than Judge) Her Antics, I could Romp and Play. Living unstuck.

How about You? Are You helpful? When You consider the Holidays, are You telling Yourself it will Always Be the Same? I say: Change Your Expectations into Expressions of Gratitude. It’s the season for thanksgiving. And I look forward to giving Thanks for bits of Nibbles that come My Way. Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours! #unstuck-living#happy-thanksgiving

You are You. Now isn’t that pleasant?

—Dr. Seuss

Wake Up Time

Duff here. Mom and I have a ritual, A specific pattern We follow to begin the Day. First, the little Westminster chime clock sounds the hour. For whatever reason, the Timepiece is 7 minutes Faster than the usual hour. This gives Mom time to stretch and begin to waken. The back up is The Alarm on Her cell phone, left in another room. (Clever Mom.) If She’s too slow for Me, I shake My Tags in My Carrier. That does it, for She is up and at ‘Em. After She makes Her Bed, (She’s a Good Kid) She unlatches My carrier. We do a meet and greet all of Our own, ending with My Ear Rub. Ah, luxury. Living unstuck.

But there is a place close by with a Very Different Method. As We saunter by in the early Morning hours, Lights flash. Then Stop. Then Flash. Then stop. We have observed this phenomenon for Minutes on end. From what We can figure out, the Person inside must be a very heavy Sleeper. It reminded Mom of the Time She had an Early Morning Class and would set a double bell alarm clock in a Metal Waste basket. When the Alarm did ring, She described levitating in the Bed, revolving Three times, then gently Landing. And yes, She did get up on Time. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You have a Gentle wake Up routine? Or do You require something more Forceful? I say: Be kind to Yourself. Perhaps setting a timer for Lights in another Room would do the Trick. Or whatever tickles Your fancy. The last resort? Unless You have a Strong Heart, The double bell alarm clock in the Metal Waste basket. It works for sure! Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#wake-up-time

Life is getting up an hour early to live an hour more.


A Salute on Veteran’s Day

A heartfelt thank you to the brave men and women who serve and have served in our armed forces. You and your families sacrifice so much that we may live in freedom.

We salute you today and always.


You Know . . . The Look

Duff here. I was going through My family Album and came across Uncle Egbert. He was Much older. And a real Character. (But then, He was part of My family so It goes without saying.) Eccentric. Creative. Bodacious. Aunt Petunia, his wife, couldn’t contain Him and usually gave up, blushing and laughing at His Antics. Living unstuck.

He had Command Presence. You know the Type? A Superb master of The Look. Have You ever been the recipient of that Glance? It doesn’t last long, but comes in at a Laser Frequency. If It comes Your Way, you are fully aware of being under Scrutiny. And not in a Good Way, mind you. Once I was acting Out, as puppies do, and He gave me The Look. Stopped me in My Tracks, it did. Believe Me, I straightened out and behaved. Living unstuck.

How about You? Have you been on the Receiving End of The Look? Or do You dole it out? I say: Be on the Sending End. Groom Your Command presence. And perfect The Look, but reserve It for those Particular occasions as needed. I assure You, it will put You in Charge. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#command-presence

Once you figure out what respect tastes like, it tastes better than attention.



Duff here. I was considering Perspectives. You already know I am a very Small Dog. My View Point of Humans is from the Ankle Down. Eight inches off the ground. I love Shoes (They have such interesting Scents) and ankles (Socks have Their own appeal.) Often The Individual will tell Me they have a Canine, which makes My day. They are a Dog Person. Or They may let Me know They have Cats. And that’s okay, for I’m a Friend to All. Living unstuck.

But My perspective goes far beyond what I see and Smell. I am a Dog of the Heart. I know When Someone is Ecstatic. Or Sad. Or when Something from The Past is intruding, as an anniversary of a Somber Event is hovering on the Horizon. I notice Folks get down even when Remembering a Happy Festivity, as a Birthday in the Past. (I’m not much on Birthdays, but I do get a Special Treat to celebrate.) But I savor It all, reveling in the Highs and understanding the Lows. Living unstuck.

How about You? What’s Your perspective? Are You aware of what You’re feeling? And Why? I say: Pay attention to Your inner Self. You will enjoy the Positives and acknowledge the Downs, knowing They are all part of This Grand Experience we call Life. That’s living unstuck. #unstuck-living#perspectives

When you start looking at people’s hearts instead of their face, life becomes clear.


Friends in High Places

Duff here. I had an exciting Adventure the other Day. I was leaving My office and there was a Big White Truck in the parking lot. You may remember: My Very good Friends had that same type of Vehicle in My previous Escapades. And I went All out in Greeting. I circled the truck, barking furiously in My inimitable Hellos. “Let Me In! I want to meet and Greet.” Living unstuck.

Suddenly, a Big Black Labrador Retriever stuck His head out of an Open Window. And Looked at Me. No sound. Just a Curious look. For I was about the Size of His Head. I doubt He had ever seen a Critter as small as I was (that Sounded like a Dog.) I stood on My hind legs to get a Better View, but it was to no Avail. My New Friend was in a High Place. Mom finally picked Me up and We met. I didn’t know what to do with Him, for He was much larger than from My on-ground perspective. But after a time I connected with My New Buddy. All was well. Living unstuck.

How about You? Have You had a Friend in a High Place? And were unsure how to Connect? I say: Give it a Shot. A wise man once said something about making new friends and influencing People. And I have found that to be true. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#friends

A friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails.

—Donna Roberts

One Day at a Time

Duff here. Mr. Lincoln must have known Dogs well, for as a Canine, I live in the Moment. I wake up and Am ready for My New day. And Who knows what It will bring? Autumn brings Those Dry Leaves that float and skip along the ground. I love to pounce and catch Them, picking Them up and shaking them Mightily. I cavort and Spin, thoroughly enjoying the Cool Breezes and the Movement of these Slight Ends of Trees. Adventures are Mine, for Right now is all I have. Living unstuck.

Part of My Job as the Canine Executive Officer is to help People remember: They too live in the Now. Of course, for Some, there’s fussing about the Future. For Others? Regret about the past. But as a Canine, I delight in the Now. Whether I am Basking in the Sun or playing with Leaves, I’m in the Present. I live unstuck.

How about You? Where are You putting Your Attention? Already fretting about the Holidays? (Some are, You know.) Or ruminating about The Past? I say: Let that Stuff go and be Here Now. I’d highly recommend it. It’s the Only Way to Go. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#live-in-the-now

The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.

—Abraham Lincoln