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Stretch Out and Relax

Trouble remembering how to relax? Here’s a Picture of Me, The Guru of Relaxation.

Duff again. Today We Celebrate Presidents Day. Awhile back, We used to enjoy two days for these Two Esteemed Heads of the Country. But, alas. Consolidation is key in This Day and Age. You and I only have One Day to Relax. To Stretch out either Mind or Body and let Go a bit. Believe it or Not, My world is Hectic at times. So much to do. And places to go. Not to mention those available Scents and Sounds. It’s a Dog’s life, for sure. That’s living unstuck.

But all This Frenzy can be Too Much at times. What to Do? Back off and Take it easy. I Stretch Out all four Paws. Sometimes I do this While on My back. Or sometimes resting on My tummy. But usually on My side, where I can wiggle my Toes. Arch My back. Then there’s the deep Sigh. You know. The One that expands the Ribs, sending a cascade of Pleasure down Your Spine and Through Your body. Muscles soften and the breath slows. Thoughts float by and All is Well. Time for You to Connect with You once again. Living unstuck.

I’m curious. Will You give Yourself the day off? Put those Chores and that Honey Do List aside and take a breather? Here’s what I say: Your Mind needs a break. Take the time to Listen to Yourself. You might even Check Your thoughts, directing them toward Peace and Positivity. I have found that Helpful. (Even better than a Treat.) Enjoy the Day. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#relax

Always make time for things that make you happy to be alive.


Be Your Own Super Hero

Duff here. Cold, Cold weather is the hallmark for February here. And this year is no exception. In My opinion, homes are designed to Breathe. All very well and Good, but there are the Inside Drafts to consider. Mom is Thoughtful. She puts a Heavy White Towel over Me (as I rest for the next adventure) to keep Me warm. I am Toasty. Now, that’s living unstuck.

The Only challenge is When I fly off the Sofa. My Towel is hooked to My Curly Tail. And I am Superman! I pull it with Me as I move here and there. And Finally, It becomes unhooked and I turn into Clark Kent. Indeed. I am a Mild Mannered Reporter. But unlike the Bush’s Baked beans Canine, I do not speak. Well, unless it’s to Mom, for She understands Duff-isms. Living unstuck.

How about You? Are You a Superman to Anyone? Your Significant Other? Your Kids? Your Family? At work? Do You want to be? I say: Put on Your Cape and Do it! Such a fulfilling and Rewarding Venture. You’ll thank Yourself for Doing so. Let Me be the First to Applaud Your Efforts. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#Being-like-superman

Being in this business and surviving day-to-day can be a constant struggle. It’s about learning how to be your own super hero, put on your own cape, and be a well rounded individual.

—Karen Civil

Mom’s Mud Hole Adventure

Duff here. I’m reminiscing again. A few years Back, Mom and I were on a Much Longer Walk. A storm had Moved through, leaving thawed and frozen Parts on the Road. Prior, Mom had picked Her way through Mud Holes and Deep Pools of water on a Dirt Road. When a Fork in the Road appeared This Time, She chose the Road Less Traveled. She would find that Choice was not living unstuck.

I tried to Warn Her. I pulled Back. I skidded in My tracks. But She continued to step along as She does. Suddenly, there was a Big “Crack.” She had stepped through the thin Sheet of Ice. Just as a tree being felled, She toppled slowly to the Ground. Her Boot, Leg and Hip were covered in Mud. The top part of Her was resting on the Ice, her Arm and hand splayed out. She was More Amused than Banged Up. I looked at her and noted, “Clumsy.” Which made Her laugh even Harder.

How to get Up? She decided to wiggle off the Ice. Bad Move. Under She went. Her entire left side was Mud Encrusted. And I gave her Lots of Space. But She was finally on her two Feet. (Bet if She had four Paws like mine, this would Not have happened.) Off We went to complete Our Walk, waving at Astonished Passersby going to work. Now that’s living unstuck.

How about You? Bet You have a Story or Two about Mud and ice. I say: It pays Mightily to have a Sense of Humor in these Situations. Creativity and strength helps. But not as much as A Giggle or a laugh. (I also recommend You avoid those Mud holes. Treacherous critters.) Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#treacherous-mud-holes

If at first you don‘t succeed, then skydiving definitely isn’t for you.

—Steven Wright

(This is a joke. Honest.)

Warm Comfort

Duff here. Today, a surprise snowstorm! Actually, A Very Small Dusting of Snow. And it was Beyond Chilly. Matter of fact, it was outright Cold. The day before had been Windy beyond Belief. I had trouble keeping My Balance. My Fluffy Tail served as a rudder, pushing me this Way and that. Nuisance . . . I finally tucked It beneath Me and Moved ahead. Living unstuck.

Mom and I came back inside after that Morning jaunt. And I was Freezing. I looked Intently at Her, But She didn’t get the Hint. I finally started rumpling My Bedding to get Under It (and get Warm.) Mom noticed My frenzy and picked up a Toasty Towel from the Utility room. She vigorously rubbed my Back and I relaxed. Stretched out, Luxuriated and Lived the Life. Basking in Warm Comfort. Living unstuck.

How do You achieve that feeling of Pleasant Pleasure? Is it Everyday Fact for You? Or just Once in A While? Does someone give You comfort? Or do You bestow it on Yourself? I say: Search it out. There’s nothing like Today to discover what brings that Good feeling of Contentment. And You certainly Deserve it. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#warm-comfort

Comfort is a powerful sedative.

—Samantha Garman

Only a Little Growl

Duff again. Every so often, I have a Yen to Push the Envelope. To assert Myself. To stake My claim. This past week, I thought it a Good Time to Do So. I began at work with a Brief Rumble of Noise. The next day as I was getting down from the Client’s Chair at Work, it was Louder. My Version of living unstuck.

The coupe de grace was Bedtime and I was on The Sofa. Warm and Comfortably ensconced. Mom came to gather Me up. And I let out A Little Growl. Only a Tiny Ripple of Sound. But enough that Mom could hear Me. Definitely not living unstuck.

Her Kinder Personality was replaced by She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed. Her eyes were stern. Her manner clear: what I had done was Not acceptable. And She told Me so in no uncertain terms. I gave the Hard Eyed Look and began to consider My Options. She turned out the Lights, and went to Bed.

Shortly after, I came Slinking Around the Corner and headed Toward Bed. The Nice Mom returned and We had a short discussion. Seems that we don’t do things like that in This Household. After that, all was well. And We continued to live unstuck. (Until the next Time.)

How about You? Do You push the Envelope every now and Again? Or always Do what You’re told? I recommend: if You choose to stretch Your Wings, do so at an Appropriate Time. Take it from Me. I learned the Hard Way so You don’t have to. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#push-the-envelope

Obstacles do not block the path; they are the path.


My Favorite Food Bowl

Duff here. My favorite Food Bowl was white, with A Dog that looked just like Me on It. My Replica had on a Blue Cape and was Flying across the Skies. Can You imagine? I loved My Bowl. Living unstuck.

The other day, Mom was preparing My breakfast. It smelled Scrumptious. But Her hand was wet as She picked up the Dish. It fell and shattered into a Million Pieces on the Floor. My Breakfast and My Bowl were all over the Kitchen. I looked so mournfully at Her. That was my Bestest Bowl.

She cleaned up Her Mess. Then another Meal was placed in a plastic Bowl. I took one look and Sat down. Nope. That’s Not it. She tried again and again with two Different Dishes. I turned them all Down. I wanted My favorite Bowl. Then, it was time To Go to Work. She put a piece of Plastic Wrap over the dish, put it in the refrigerator and Headed Out the Door.

I stared in Shock. Where was My breakfast? I quickly checked the Floor and found three Very Small Pieces of Dry Dog Food. That would have to Do. By Dinner, I was ready for nourishment in any Bowl. It didn’t matter. I was so Hungry. Lived unstuck.

Have You had an Attachment to Something, only to Lose it in Some Way? Did You hang on for Awhile? Or Were You able to Release It? I say: Let it Go. After a Time, the Replacement works Very Well. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#letting-go

Update: I now have a New Bowl. It’s sturdy and Green. The phrase “Good Dog” is on one Side. On the other? “Feed Me.” Either Way, I win!

Sometimes the hardest part isn’t letting go but rather learning to start over.

—Nicole Soban

The Dead End

Duff here. Snow arrived with a Bang early last Week. The First Storm brought 6-8 inches Of that White Blanket. Then another Dumping of the White Stuff came the next Day. Now, I love snow as much as The Next Canine. But this Snowfall was over My head at times. Kinda discouraging. Not unstuck at all.

Ding! Time for My early Morning Constitutional. Mom is the Diva of Snow Shoveling. She bundled Up, Took the Shovel in hand and began to Muck Her way through the Drifts. I was Right behind Her, Cheering her on. She stopped at the First tree, expecting That was far enough. But I had other Plans. I sighed and Charged on ahead, Shoulder deep in the Fallen Flakes. Turning around and around, I Made the Perfect Spot. Lived unstuck (and relieved.)

But I was not Particularly content with the Situation. Mom went Out later and Shoveled some more. But not quite far Enough to reach the Street. I got Stuck at a Dead end. I told Her: Enough of This Breaststroking through Snow. (I try to be so brave for Her. But inside, I am just a Little Boy Dog.) Clearing some More, She made a pathway just for Me. Hooray! That’s living unstuck.

Did you enjoy the Snow? What type of Adventures did You have? Did You feel Virtuous while you Dug out? Or did a Kind Soul give You a Hand? I say: Enjoy the Delights of Winter. They can bring Memorable Journeys, ones to share around a Fireplace with a Cup of Cocoa. That’s the life. No dead ends for You. Live Unstuck.

You have to be stronger than your obstacles, and braver than your fears.