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Dogs Are Family

Duff here. Yesterday, Mom was telling Me about Her family. She and Her Brother were raised in a Fun Neighborhood. There were 47 Kids on the block. Never a lack of a Buddy to Do something With. This time of year Heralded Summer. School was out. Time to Play. Since computers and Air Conditioning were not Yet invented, Outdoors was the place to Be. She had a Bike and would ride to Many Places. The Park with its playground. The Pool to get Cooled off. Polliwog Pond to watch the tadpoles eventually turn into Frogs. Living unstuck.

She and her Family had many potlucks with Neighbors. I suspect I would have liked to Taste some of those Delicacies. And yes, there were Dogs in Some of These Families. There was Coco, the Chihuahua, next Door. And Zsa Zsa, the Dachshund next to Her. They would bark and Howl at Fourth of July fireworks. And there was a Mutt down the Street. All part of That Family. Mom had a Small Dog for a Brief time. But That Pup Dug up the Camellias in the back yard. Short-lived Stay. Not unstuck at all.

Mom and I are definitely Family. She and I are Very close. We are a Team, both at the Office and at Home. Love abounds, and that’s How It Is. And how about You? Is there a Special Canine or Two In Your Family? I sure hope so, for My Species will bring Delight and Joy to Your Heart. Truly living unstuck. #unstuck-living#dogs-are-family

Life is beautiful. It’s about giving. It’s about family.

—Walt Disney

The Importance of a Haircut

Duff photoDuff here. Last week, I got to Meet and Greet with Ashley, My Groomer. Always a festive and Joy filled Event, for I feel So much better after My Coat is trimmed. And this cartoon of Cousin Fred reminded me of my Puppy Days. I would Scamper and Romp about in the House, running The Halls and Skidding through Corners. This Activity was just fine for a while, but I am part Shi-Tzu. My fur is long and Luxuriant, with a curl from the Toy poodle side of My Birth mom’s family. Soon I was Bumping into Walls, door Jambs, Furniture. Anything in front of me was fair Game. Definitely not unstuck.

At first, Mom thought I was going Blind. Anxiety reigned. Not a Good Scenario. But then, inspiration hit. She lifted My Bangs. And there were My pretty Brown Eyes, steadily regarding Her. Time for the First Haircut, for I couldn’t see much. My Forelock was shortened. And I got a Sanitary Cut, making Potty time much easier. I rejoiced and Continued to play. Felt like a New Puppy. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You let Your Hair grow long and Shaggy? How do You feel? Or do You get a Trim on a Regular basis? I recommend the Latter. I have found I look Sharp, feel better and Garner those Compliments when I do. You will Too! Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#the-importance-of-a-haircut

Looking good isn’t self importance; it’s self respect.



Duff here. On this Memorial Day, I contemplate resting in Comfort. Not difficult to Do, this Activity involves a number of Qualities: Safety, the Right temperature, A warm Bed (or sometimes not), a Designated amount of time to Close My eyes and let the World go by. Snacks are Optional. Yes, indeed. Definitely living unstuck.

Mom and I watch Jobs For Dogs every now and again. My goodness, these pooches work hard. A forensic Doberman mix who locates cadavers. A Golden Retriever, trained to be a hearing Dog for a Deaf Lady. A Border Collie who dances with her Mistress, Katie. Some fancy steps, I’ll tell you. But I’m Perfectly content with My Position as The Canine Executive Officer of Unstuck Living. Duff Courtney, Himself. That’s Me.

How about you? Are You happy in Your Job? If You’re retired, are You pleased with What You are Doing? Or is it Time for a Change? I say: Scan your Life. Weed out what’s unimportant. And what will never happen. Lighten the load. And Enjoy Your world. Bask in Comfort. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#comfort

A Salute and Heartfelt thank you to those who are Serving, Have served and who Gave that Ultimate Sacrifice that We might enjoy Freedom and Liberty.

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.

—Joseph Campbell

Gentle Persuasion

Duff photoDuff here. I believe I mentioned before How well I have trained Mom. She responds to a Prolonged Stare when I’m hungry. Or a Tummy Rub when I roll over and look Winningly Cute. I’m particularly Successful when I decide to Wake 5 or 10 minutes before the Alarm. I shake My Body in My carrier and She begins to stir. Time for the Day to begin. Living unstuck.

The Secret to a happy Mom? To make The Idea seem as if It came from her. Yup. She’s the One Who Enjoys the feel of My Fur. So I get Petted. She’s the One Who needs a Break at times. I’m a Visual reminder. But I have to Be Stealthy about these moves. The Plan Never works if I push it. (Or perhaps I should say, not very often.) Not unstuck at all then.

How about You? Do You gently orchestrate Events with a Friend or partner at times? Or do You forcefully Lay down the Law? I say: Observe closely. Pick Your time. Then Make Your Quiet Move. Voila! All will be well. At least, that’s what I have Found. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#gentle-persuasion

“You’re not the boss of me,” I whisper to my dog as I put his blanket on the “right way.”


Everyday Challenges

Duff here. There are days when Everything goes right in My World. Mom wakes up at the right Time. She moves smoothly through her Morning Routine, and We venture outdoors. Dawn is just beginning to Show Itself in the Sky. The weather is cool, but Pleasant. I stop and She hooks up My Leash. And off We go. The Day proceeds in an Orderly fashion. That’s living unstuck.

But there are some Days (I’m not complaining, mind You) when Mom is Discombobulated. She is late getting Out of Bed. And the rest of the Morning is Chaotic. She has a Challenge in finding Her clothes. (If She was sensible, like Me, She’d wear Her Fur all the time.) Boots? Oh, my! We proceed Out The Door. Then She realizes She has forgotten the Leash. A Very Important piece of Equipment, You know. Next She searches for the keys in her Pocket to no Avail. By now, I have given Up and meander out to Begin My Morning Toilette. Really not living unstuck. But it all Works out. We get straightened Out and move through the Day. Now that’s living unstuck.

How about You? Have You had Days where everything Flowed perfectly? And I’ll bet You’ve had Times where, despite Your best efforts, Nothing could go Right? I say: Trundle through The Challenges. There is always a Bright Spot on the Horizon. Just for You. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#everyday-challenges

Some days, I amaze myself. Other days, I put the keys in the fridge.


A Walk in the Sunshine

Duff here. Sometimes, Mom gets wound up Working on the Computer. She stands in front of It (or sits, as the case may Be), and hunts-and-pecks away. She’s a four Finger typist, so Speed is not Her forte. And She loses track of time! Hours can go By, and She’s still plunking away. Beautiful Spring weather is outdoors. And yet, there She is, Creating away indoors. Not unstuck at all.

Today, I put My foot down. Or should I say My Paw? I stood in the doorway of the Office and Stared at her. No response. Not to be Deterred, I Stamped My paws. First slowly. Then Faster. And Faster. She looked up and realized what She was missing: Both Me and a lovely Spring Day. She grabbed the leash and off We went. I took Mom for a Walk. And I think She was the better for it. That’s living unstuck.

You too? Do You get involved in a Project or something Very Important? And forget the Beauty of the Outdoors? I say: Take a look Outside. Step out and Enjoy The World. I do often, and Find it most Enjoyable. Come join Me and live unstuck. #unstuck-living#spring-sunshine

It was me. I let the dogs out.


A Crick in My Neck

Duff here. A while back, I woke with a Crick in My Neck. I think We have All had this happen at One time or Another. And it’s Not Fun. Definitely not living unstuck.

So Mom took Me to the Chiropractor. He works on Dogs (like Me). But I was unsure of this Experience. I thoroughly checked out the Office, as much as I could (being 8” off the ground.) It felt Safe, so I comfortably settled into Mom’s lap. The Doctor came in and started to gently Massage My neck. I growled a little to indicate that the area was Troublesome. But He told me he was there to help. In a Short Time, he adjusted My Neck Bones back into Place. And I was a puddle of Relaxation. Tension? Gone. What a wonderful feeling! Living unstuck.

How about You? Has a physical issue bothered You? Then You went to a Professional, who quickly relieved Your problem? I say: Go sooner rather than Later. It will Pay Off Big Time. That’s living unstuck. #unstuck-living#relief-from-pain

We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.

—Carlos Castaneda