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The Season Has Begun

Duff here. Mom stepped out of the car at the Post office. And stopped Short. There was Santa’s Workshop. And all those twinkly colored Lights! Christmas is here. The Season has begun. I hopped out of our Car (just to Please Her), and She hooked Me up to My Leash. Off We went to enjoy the Sights. My Problem? I’m so Close To the Ground I couldn’t see The Glittering Effect in all its Glory. Mom tucked Me under Her arm so I could get Far enough off the Ground to appreciate the View. (I was more interested in Touching The Bulbs with My nose but to each His Own.) Talk about living unstuck.

The Lighting is up early This Year, and the Warm Feeling of the Occasion is oh-so-appreciated. Mom took Some Pictures to share with You so you could enjoy The Glow of The Lights too. I personally Think the reason the Lights have such an Effect is: It’s time for some Fun. Some Lighthearted Joy. Some Happiness. Some Peace. That can’t come Too Soon, Right? Living unstuck.

How about You? Do you travel about, Taking in the Christmas Lights? Gather up family and Friends and make an Evening of it? I say: The time to Do so is Now. Join Me and Cut loose. Celebrate the Season. You’ll have a Warm Feeling inside. I did. (Or perhaps it was Because Mom was Holding me, Keeping Me warm.) Live unstuck.

It really is the most wonderful time of the year.


The Big White Truck

Duff photoDuff here. I have made many friends over the years. Some are acquaintances, while others are friends. Then there are The Good Friends. You know what I mean. Two of my Good Friends have helped my mom and Me so many times over the years. And they always come in their Big White Truck. My ears are quite sensitive to different noises and this vehicle has a distinctive sound. I could hear the truck approaching from two blocks away and I would prepare to swarm them. After the truck pulled in (and mom let me go), I met. I greeted. I did remarkable tail wags. The whole nine yards. I lived unstuck.

Now there was a day when another Large White Truck pulled up and stopped in the middle of the street. I didn’t realize at the time: the driver was from a utility company, checking the meters. He left his truck door open. I ran as fast as I could to meet and greet. And jumped into the cab. He returned and found Me, A Very Friendly Dog, on the driver’s seat. I met and I greeted. But we were both puzzled. He wasn’t who I was looking for. And he wondered whose dog this was. But one thing I knew for sure: it was a Big White Truck. My Good Friends had to be there. He laughed and scratched my head. Mom picked me up, thanked him and told me my Good Friends would come to visit on another day. All was well. I was joyous and carefree. Living unstuck.

Do you get attuned to a sound? A scent? A sight? A memory? And when something like that comes your way, do you want to follow your memory? Want to jump up into the Big White Truck and roll along? I say: Be playful and free. If you want to follow your good thoughts from the past, do it. You can even share them with someone else. Or simply remember them in your own mind . . . and feel good. I live unstuck. And encourage you to do so, too. #UnstuckLiving

The Good Friends are the people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little brighter, and live a little better.”

—Paraphrase from Pinterest

The Joy of Different Perspecitives

Duff here. I love to ride in my car. Notice it’s my car. My mom is simply a chauffeur. A good one, but just someone to ferry me around. And that’s as it should be.

I like to cruise from the front seat to the back, from one side of the car to the other. The view from my mom’s lap is quite different from what I can see from the other side. The back seat affords different opportunities too. On one side, I can perch on my carrier and look directly at the driver next to us. Or if there are other Dogs, I can greet them, being careful not to gaze directly so as to incite a challenge.

As I look ahead, I can see the pavement with that funny yellow stripe, showing up . . . then fading as we slowly move down the road. When we pick up speed, the line blurs and seems to be a single stripe. As I look behind me, I notice how quickly we leave what we have already seen behind us. The perspective from each window is quite different. Mom and I live unstuck.

Ever notice the differences in what you see as you move through life? How the front windshield is quite large, as is the potential of your future? And the rear view mirror quite small, reflecting the problems of your past? That your present (on either side) has many different facets? The points of view are endless. I say: enjoy the ride . . . and appreciate the view. Live unstuck. #UnstuckLiving

Life is a journey, and if you fall in love with the journey, you will be in love forever.

—Peter Hagerty

Joyful Greetings

When somebody walks through the door, even if it’s five times a day, you should go totally insane with joy.

—Super Soul Sunday

Duff again. The other day, I was considering the way I greet people. If I am at the office, my mom tries to have me on her lap. The reason? I am well trained in many areas but not in the meeting-and-greeting bit at the door. I have been known to launch myself toward the hapless client and bark loudly. Well, loudly for a Very Small Dog. Or swarm the person, wrapping my paws around a leg. So mom controls that activity and clamps a tight hold on me until the person comes through the door.

I then meet and greet. My luxurious tail wags furiously. I do figure 8’s, going back and forth until I am recognized. I have been known to sit and watch adoringly. (Get’s ‘em every time). The person stops and pats my head and we’re good to go.

One Very Nice Lady even brings treats for me when we go to knitting. She says hello, then slips my treat through the wire mesh of my carrier. And I am appreciative. Now, I don’t get to return the greeting for I’m in my portable cage. But I do let her know how grateful I am. I also understand I need to be quiet when I’m there, or I will be disinvited. That would be very sad.

In this age of social media, I recommend exuberantly and joyfully greeting someone as they walk through the door. Look at them. Pay attention to them. Show with your face (even your whole body) that you’re beyond glad to see them. It puts a smile on their face. A lightness to their step. And take it from me, it makes your heart feel happy too. Live unstuck. #UnstuckLiving