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Heroes and Privilege

Rock bottom has built more heroes than privilege.


Duff here. Have You ever been at the Bottom of Life’s Barrel? I mean, absolute Rock Bottom? Every now and Again, I get into that mode and Wail. Bemoan My fate. Wonder what other Canines are doing. This occurs when Mom leaves Me in the Car when She goes in and pays for Gas. Or into Grocery markets with food. Or restaurants. I bark. And Fuss and Bounce around. I am at Rock Bottom. Not unstuck at all.

But then . . . lo and behold. She returns, smiles and taps on The Window. I am fierce as I defend My Car. (For it is My Vehicle.) I go from the Front To the Back, letting Her know I am at the ready to take on Any Intruders. When She gets back inside My Vehicle, I greet Her with enthusiasm. I am a Hero to her, and I know it. Living unstuck. How about You? Have You hit rock bottom? Then bounced back up to New heights? I say: It’s worth The Struggle. And You’ll build Character, too. (And Mom says I’m a real Character.) That’s living unstuck #unstuck-living#heroes-and-privilege

Persistence and Determination

Persistence and determination are always rewarded.

—Christine Rice

Duff here. By now, You know Me well. And if nothing else, I am a Persistent and Determined Pup. Being the Therapy dog for Unstuck Living, Part of My Duties are to use My Canine Intuition and Know when People need me. Or Not. Living unstuck.

The other day a Client came in unsure of what To expect in the Office. I made Him feel right at Home, but sensed All was still not well. As He described his Dilemma, I politely asked to join Him on the Chair. Permission granted. (But sometimes, I get antsy and need to stretch. Down on the Floor I went.)

But I knew He still needed Me. So as He and Mom worked, I put My Paws on the recliner seat. And again, asked to come up and Help. He agreed and I snuggled in next to Him, happy to be of Assistance. (Nice to have a Buddy when Life is Bumpy, don’t You agree?) I needed to be Persistent and determined. After all, to do so is an important Job. Living unstuck. How about You? When You see a Friend in need, do You offer assistance? Or continue on Your way, knowing Your life to be Self Contained? I say: Open up. Lend a Hand. And be Persistent. Your determination will reap Mighty rewards. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#persistence-and-determination

You’re Not Stuck

You’re not stuck. You’re committed to certain patterns of behavior because they helped you in the past. Now those behaviors have become more harmful than helpful. The reason you can’t move forward is because you keep applying the old formula to a new level in your life. Change the formula to get a new result.

—Emily Maroutian

Duff here. Can You believe it? You’re not stuck! I think You’re like Me: You started running Your life in a certain Way. Then Life changed. But You didn’t. And What was going on around You appeared to Worsen. And Get harder. And More difficult. Such a stuck Mode.

But You don’t have to stay There. Once, I heard a preacher say, “You don’t have to camp in that Dark Valley. Pull up Your tent and move to higher Ground.” Such wisdom. Staying in That Old Place? Not for Us Who live Unstuck! Take a look at Your Life today and see what’s Working. And what isn’t. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find how easy It is to Change your Thoughts. (Kind of like weeding a garden.) And You’re back to living unstuck.

I say: Take some time and do some Weeding. Your Life will be happier. And easier for it. And I’m with You all the way. #unstuck-living#you’re-not-stuck


I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.

—Mother Teresa

Duff here. As I was contemplating this Perspective, I realized Mom and I are a Team. She is the Pack Leader, even if our Pack is just One Dog. (That’s Me.) And yes. We watch the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan. (Some of those Dogs. Really! Not a Team at all.) But We work to Puzzle things out and solve Problems . . . Together. That’s living unstuck.

One time, Mom got Busy and didn’t pay Attention to Our Food pantry. Usually She’s Aware of the level of Groceries available, especially Munchies for Me to eat. But Not this time. She opened the Fridge and stood there for so Long, I had to come Stand next to Her for support. And as I peered inside, I was shocked. Shocked, I tell You. There were Greens, veggies, fruit and some Cheese. But no Meat for The Duff. And I looked Sad. Downright mournful. Truly stuck.

Solution? We decided to pop over to the Market and Pick up something tasty for Dinner. Dilemma gone and I was a happy Pup. The Way to Go! Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You share Your expertise when Solving a Problem with Friends? Or let Them flounder? I say: Pitch in and Lend a Hand. Resolution comes Quickly then. And it’s much more Fun. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#teamwork

It’s a Dog’s Life

If you can sit quietly after difficult news; if in a financial downturn you remain perfectly calm; if you can see your neighbors travel to fantastic places without a twinge of jealousy; if you can eat happily whatever is put on your plate; if you can fall asleep after a day of running around without a drink or a pill; if you can always find contentment wherever you are—you are probably a dog.

—Jack Kornfield

Duff here. In My opinion, Mr. Jack Kornfield knows dogs. He wrote specifically about Me in this Thought, for I am a Happy Camper. I am Calm, even in the Worst of Times. Jealousy is not a part of who I Am, for I am a content Pup. Falling asleep? And Naps are good too. Yes, indeed. I love to Travel, for there are so many Different places to Visit, Sights to see and Scents to Smell. Living unstuck.

However, I would differ from the author about Food. There are some Items that don’t agree with Me. You too? I love to scarf up Snackerels, say from Picnic leftovers. Or even Interesting smelling Treats in the Forest. (Those sometimes get Me in trouble. Sigh.) But at times, Mom thinks I should try “Different.” I politely look at what’s in My Dish, turn My head and Walk away. My version of living unstuck.

How about You? Tempted to live a Dog’s Life? I say: You’ll love it! Much less stressful than the Average Day for a Human. And You can join Me in living Unstuck. That’s the way to Go! #unstuck-living#its-a-dogs-life

The Beach

I always have the most fun on the Fourth of July. You don’t have to exchange gifts. You just go the beach and watch fireworks. It’s always fun.

—James Lafferty

Duff here. Mom told Me a story about a Fourth of July She celebrated in Bellingham, Washington. She was on the Beach. The Day was warm and Mellow. But by the time for Fireworks, the Fog rolled in. Dense fog. Really Damp and Wet. I’m not sure I would have Enjoyed that, but there She was. Living unstuck.

A Small Girl with her Grandmother was sitting in front of Her. The Little One was playing on the Grass and having a Fabulous time. Her Nana was aware of Her but not Keeping a Real Close eye, if You know what I mean. Suddenly, the Wee Girl took Her tube of Granulated Candy and carefully Poured its Contents, a little at a time, into Grandma’s purse until the Tube was empty. There was No Way to stop Her, for the damage was Done after the first tip of the Container. With the Wet Beach Air, Mom could only imagine the Sticky result and elected Not to inform the Caregiver. Time enough for Damage repair later. Why spoil a perfectly good Celebration? Living unstuck.

How about You? Did You have a fun time over the Fourth of July? Were there Mishaps that Turned into Fun stories? I say: Look for The Delights, make good Memories and have Fun Times. It works Out well. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#the-beach

Good Habits

Nothing is stronger than a habit.


Duff here. The other day I was a pooped Puppy by the Evening. The hours flew by and I was Very Busy. And I think You may agree: At the End of some Days, You are Tuckered. Out. That’s the sign of Time Well Spent. That’s living unstuck.

But Positive habits die hard. I had My Evening meal. Mom hooked Me up to Sashay out for the last Walk of the Day. And I stopped and Stared straight ahead. Mom knew the Day had been a challenge for Me. So She picked Me Up and carried Me to My Special Spot. (The One where I can always find the perfect Place to leave My Mark.) We stood there for a Time. Enjoying the Breeze, Taking in the Sunset. Just celebrating Life. Living unstuck.

Then I looked up at Her and asked, “Are We done here?” You see, I didn’t need to Relieve Myself. But the Habit was so Strong, We followed the Way We had “always” Done things. We lived unstuck to Reinforce a Good Habit. After that, I crashed for The Evening. Now that’s living unstuck.

How about You? Do You sometimes Do something because that’s the way You’ve always done it? Or do You vary Your pattern? I say: If it’s a good habit, Keep on Keepin’ On. It will serve You well in the End. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#good-habits