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Fuel Your Future

Don’t get stuck in your past, use it to fuel your future.


Duff here. I strongly Believe this To be True. As background, Let Me describe My past. I began My life as the Runt of the Litter. Everyone else around Me was Bigger. And faster. And could Push harder. Some may have Stopped right There. Acted shy. Be timid. Stay at the Back of the Crowd. But who wants to be Stuck like that?

When My Mom first laid eyes on Me, it was Love at First Sight. My First Doggy Mommy gently placed me in Her lap. I snuggled up Under Her jacket. And that sealed the Deal. I was so Irresistibly Teeny She melted on the Spot. See how it works? I used My Past to fuel My Future. We have been Happily Together ever since. Living unstuck.

How about You? Are You stuck in Your Past? Or even stuck in a Current Problem? (Chasing squirrels is an issue for Me. I can never catch them.) I say: Take what You learned and Move forward. Time is on Your side if you start now. Sort it Out. Work it Through. I know You can do It! Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#fuel-your-future

Loving Yourself

You carry so much love in your heart. Give some to yourself.”


Duff here. It’s the day after Valentine’s Day. Boxes of candy and Pretty Cards are exchanged. Hearts are open and sentiments expressed. But this delightful Feeling doesn’t have to be restricted to One Day Only. I do This every day, for I think it starts with Loving Yourself. That’s living unstuck.

But how to Love Yourself? Here’s what I Do. I accept Myself just as I am. My self talk, such as it is, tends toward the Positive. Sure, there are Times when I Misbehave. But I shake It off and move on, knowing I am A Good Boy. (Mom tells Me that a lot.) Way down deep Inside, I feel Loving toward Myself. That’s living unstuck.

Do You love Yourself? Do You want to? I say: You give so much Love to others. Start heaping it on yourself and watch the Real You unfold. The time and energy spent Doing so will be Handsomely Rewarded. (And You’ll feel better too.) Let Me be one of the First to tell you: I believe In You, just as You are. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#loving-yourself

Life is a Cha-Cha

Optimist: someone who figures out that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster. It’s more like a cha-cha.

—Robert Brault

Duff here. I like this Quote, don’t you? I often give Something a Shot, only to back up if it doesn’t work out as Planned. I like to try out new Ventures. Some work. Some don’t. And some definitely need improvement. Just ask Mom.

The other Day, a Storm had descended. It was raining cats and Dogs (pardon the Expression) when Mom and I went out to take care of My Morning Constitutional. But I was Reluctant to head out The Door. Mom coaxed Me. She pleaded. And finally gathered Me up, closing the Door behind us. Thirty minutes later, I was still meandering about, not trying Very hard to find My perfect spot. I was making Efforts to Head for our Warm and Dry Home. But Mom is a Pro in fending me off from My Escape Routes. Drat! Not living unstuck at all.

Mom finally gave Up. We made it back up the Stairs, and I tucked myself in. (Figured My bladder was Strong.) A bit later, We took off to run some errands. Still a Downpour, so I elected to Hop in the Car. No extreme Need yet. Makes sense, doesn’t it? On arrival at our Third destination, I let Mom know This was the Place. Relief! Mission accomplished. She could complete her Cha-Cha. Living unstuck.

Are You familiar with this Cha-Cha? Does Everything go perfectly in Your world? Or do You encounter Glitches? I say: See the Ongoing Process as a Cha-Cha and enjoy the Dance. You’ll be Glad You did. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#Life-is-a-cha-cha


I firmly believe that nothing contributes so much to the beauty of the world as color.”

—Dorothy Draper, Interior Designer

Duff here. I’m a Big One on Color. I am a Bichy-Poo-Shi-Tzu, a Bichon Frise-Toy Poodle-Shi Tzu mix. In other words? A pedigreed Mutt. My paperwork from the Veterinarian’s office notes that I am Tri Color. Hmmm . . . I have a Cinnamon Brown head, with Brownish Ears. The primary color of my face is White, with Brown streaks. My body? Mostly white, with Brown spots. The largest marking is a Brown Spot on My tail End, which almost looks as If I sat in Something. Top it all off with a Fluffy White tail and You have one Handsome Dude. That’s Me! Living unstuck.

What Colors can I see? Contrary to popular Myths, I see so Much More than Black and White. Did You know: We Canines favor yellows and Blues. That bright Red Eye catching Toy? Looks muddy brown to me. But a Bright daffodil colored Yellow tennis Ball? I’m all over it! Now that’s living unstuck.

It’s a Dreary Time of year. Dirty (and Yellow) Snow. Short days. Little strong Sun Light. Sigh. I say: Choose Color. Brighten up Your day. Wear a Brilliantly hued Scarf. Or a Sparkling Cap. Or a Glowing Top. And you can continue to enjoy Me in My Handsome Tri Color Mode. I may not be Vibrant in Color, but I’m loveable. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#

Find a Voice in a Whisper

Find a voice in a whisper.

—Martin Luther King, Jr.

Duff here. I was considering this Concept the other day. A voice in a Whisper? Hmmm . . . Must be a pretty Powerful hushed Tone. I use all Sorts of Whimpers and Soft Sounds to Talk with Mom. There’s the Up-and-Down murmur when I Need to Go Outside. There’s the Excited Almost Yip when I get to go to Doggy Day Camp. The Muffled Whuffs when I chase Squirrels in My sleep. All part of living unstuck.

But I have discovered Something even more Persuasive: Silence. When Mom prepares My meals, I sit at the Edge of the Kitchen (so We don’t Collide) and Quietly Stare. Ever had Someone look at You Intently? Well, I’m a Master at this technique. Mom knows to Hurry Up and get The Goodies in My bowl. Let me tell you. It Works. It’s the Closest thing to a Whisper but even more Effective. A True Power Mode. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You have a Booming Voice? Or is it Soft and Mellow? Loud and boisterous? Quiet and peaceful? I recommend: Hone Your Skills in this Area, for there is a Time and Place for Variety. Martin Luther King Jr. would agree, I’m sure. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living# the-power-of-speech



Perpetual Optimism

Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.

—Colin Powell, American Statesman and retired 4 Star General

Duff here. I am a Perpetual Optimist. I was born That way, and have loved Every Minute of Being Me. This ongoing process begins with My waking moments. I move Out of My carrier and stretch, grateful that I can rev up My Body. I then find Mom and We play for a few moments. Warms up the Day for Positive Things. She rubs my Ears and scratches My Back. Since I am eternally Positive, I anticipate this Luxury. That’s living unstuck.

Another example of “I know I can” Optimism? I decided to Climb the Highest Mountain of Plowed Snow I could find. Sure, I had some Slips and Tumbles. And yes. Once I fell through a Thin Crust of Ice up to My Chest. (Note Mom’s Safety Feature: My Fashion Leash.) But I was Increasing My Optimism with each and Every Step. And I made it To The Top! I lived unstuck.

Are You an Optimist Too? Is the Glass half full? Half empty? Or do You Need a Smaller Glass? I say: It all depends on how You View Your World. Join Me and become a perpetual Optimist. The People You meet and Your Experiences in the World will change exponentially for the Better. I’m wishing that for you. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#perpetual-optimism

No Whining

Complaining about a problem without posing a solution is called whining.

—President Theodore Roosevelt

Duff here. I found this Quote quite interesting. And Amusing. I am not a Whiner, for My world is too full of Things to Explore and People to Meet. If I run up against a Problem, I not only Pose a Solution but I act on It. An example? This Morning was very cold. Snow and Ice all around. And it was time for Me to Exercise. (That’s one Way to live unstuck.)

Mom is a Trusting Soul. She didn’t hook up My Leash before We stepped out the Door. Big Mistake on Her part. I tricked Her and shot down the stairs, heading for Spaces where She could not Get Hold of Me: under a Large Truck, in front of Cars, on a Vast Sheet of ice. I finally found the perfect Escape Plan. A Pristine Field of two feet of Snow. I have 4 legs to Spread Heft and am Light of Weight. I skipped across this Expanse. No problem! Mom? One step after Another, she sank knee deep into the Snow. (I even turned and Encouraged Her, but was Not well Received.) She was almost stuck.

After a Time I was done Exploring. I met Mom at the door of our Place. She had Turned around and Returned to the Spot We first Began. That’s living unstuck to me.

What about You? Do You Complain on and On without making a Suggestion for Change? Or do You Evaluate the Issue and List Solutions, finally selecting One that Suits? I Recommend: Work on the Second Concept. You will Open Your Mind to new Horizons. And even Tickle some folks along the way. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#nowhining