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Life is Like . . .

Life is like a series of commas, not periods.


Duff photoDuff here. Have you felt so that Life is totally confusing? Circumstances overwhelming? Can’t see Your way out? I have done that a Time or Two. And it’s not Fun. Everywhere I looked, it was Dreary. At times, I thought it Was Forever. I thought it was a Period . . . when actually it was a Comma. I forgot to Live Unstuck.

But I Shake Bad Times like that off Quickly and Easily. Of course, They happen to all of us. (Sometimes, I Shake my Entire Body from my Nose to my Tail as I move Beyond them.) I’ll admit: these Wretched Times are not easy to move through. But I live Unstuck. I acknowledge Them, figure out their Learnings and Teachings, and keep on Going. Too many Delightful Adventures to explore to get Bogged Down in the past. I am one Persistent Puppy, bound for Higher Ground and the Cheerful Experiences Life has to offer.

Are You like Me? Do you Calculate your losses and let go to Move Ahead? Or do you get Mired in the Muck of What Could have Been? I recommend: Let go and live Unstuck. To do so is far more enjoyable, for life is short. Or so They say. #unstuckliving#lettinggo

The Important Things in Life

Forget to remember and remember to forget what isn’t important to you.

—Kathy Walter

Duff photoDuff here. Sometimes, I get wound up in one Important Way of Doing Something. Like: this is the only way to go on this path in the forest. Or this is the only way to get an extra treat. Perhaps this is the only way to let Mom know I need to go Outside. (Now, that’s critical.) And yet, I ponder: what is Really Important? Is Everything of Equal Value? In the Larger Scheme of things, does it really matter how I get an Extra Morsel? If I’m cemented in one Habit, will it matter 100 years from now? As long as I achieve my goal, I can live unstuck.

This concept really hit home the other day as Mom and I were walking through the forest. I took us on a Path that made sense to me: clear, smooth and direct. We got to our Destination and turned back to head to the car. Even though (because of my Innate Sense of Smell), I have the Superior Ability to track us home, Mom decided to Change Things Up. (Remind me to tell you about the time when Mom got lost, and I led her back to the Car. But that’s a story for a Different Time.) We went a different route, even though I kept attempting to move her back to the original Path. Eventually, I gave up and dejectedly followed her. Imagine my amazement when we arrived at the original Starting Post? I was ecstatic. I lived unstuck.

Are you like Me? Get Stuck in a Rut and think that’s the only Way to do Things? A Famous Family therapist once said there were 147 different ways to wash the dishes. And they all met the Objective: to clean the dinnerware. I found that Concept boggling. Talk about living unstuck. I recommend: Try something new. A new way to work. A new food. (Yum.) The Important Things in life demand a variety of experiences. Release the rest of it. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#importanceofthingsinlife

Cell Phones: My Opinion

I find that checking my phone (in the morning) tramples over my positive vibes, because we all know that checking messages is like rattling a wasp nest.”

—Stephanie lee

Duff here. My life changed dramatically once my mom started using a cell phone. When she first began, she couldn’t even answer if someone called. The doggone thing would ring and ring. Then someone would leave a message. Mom would then pick up the message (she could at least do that) and return the call. How cumbersome! She was stuck.

She then got a phone the salesman said was for “old folks.” She was mildly amused (and a bit incensed for being considered on the older side) but wanted to be able to answer the phone. That’s when my world turned upside down. She poked and prodded the poor thing. She laughed at it. She got animated at times, especially if there were sports games on. Totally absorbed in the fool contraption. She was living unstuck. But I was left behind.

But my mom is a sensitive lady. She realized the error of her ways. She now spends time only with me again. We walk together. We play my version of fetch. She pats me often. And talks to me as she did before, ironing out the affairs of the world. We are connected once more. We are living unstuck.

I’m asking: How about you? Are you glued to your phone? Tablet? Computer? Have you abandoned real people and puppies for an inanimate object? Duff Wisdom: There’s a time and place for everything. A time to conduct business. A time to be on the computer or cell phone. Most importantly, a time to play, and talk, and laugh, and love your Dog. Or Cat, if you will. Connecting directly with friends and family to give them a hug and a chat makes a connection that can’t be matched. The warmth touches your heart. Live unstuck. #UnstuckLiving

Check Yourself

Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

—A common saying

Duff here. Did I tell you I was almost sent to live at another home? Well, when I was a Small Puppy, my Doggy Daddy was having problems with his balance and eyesight. Since I am so very close to the ground, I can’t imagine that even being a problem. But he was 6’4”, so a tumble would be a Long Way Down.

My job was to stay out of the kitchen. My mom worked with me and worked with me to stay on the outer edge of that area. Then I would not be in danger of being trompled and my Doggy Daddy would have clear access to the kitchen. But I figured: what fun is that? I’m far away from the good smelling treats, the foods that made me salivate. So I would edge in and be underfoot. I was persistent. I lived unstuck.

Mom had interviewed another lady who was interested in me. The day for the move came. Both my mom and dad were very sad. My mom even shed tears. Mom called our house, on her way to pick me up and take me to my new home. And my dad told her, “The Duff hasn’t been in the kitchen all day.” I knew when to call it quits. You should have seen the celebration! I checked myself before I wrecked myself.

How about you? Do you know when it’s time to push ahead? Or time to slack off and come back another day? I say: Kenny Rogers had it right. “Know when to hold ‘em, Know when to fold ‘em.” He lives unstuck, and so do I. I’d suggest the same for you. Live unstuck. #UnstuckLiving

On Goof Ups

When you foul up . . . don’t turn goof ups into give ups.


Duff’s Thought for the Day

Duff here. Have you ever made a gaffe? I mean, something so horrendous you wish you could crawl in a hole and disappear? I did that last week. Every spring, I have this yearning to go outside in the middle of the night. It’s spring. It’s warm(er). I’m ready.

Last week was the time for my big gaffe. One night, while I was in my carrier (Dog Cave), I thought it would be great fun to pant. Then whimper. My bed is at the foot of my mom’s. She immediately woke, filled with concern over my well-being. When I was released, I went to the living room and waited for her to put on my halter. Out we went and I meandered around. Completed a Very Small “Business” and we went back inside.

The next night, I did the same. Mom was trained and got me outside. This time, I disappeared up the hill. Mom was in an unfashionable get-up (long johns, hoodie, boots…you get the picture) but she tracked me down. Home we went.

The following evening, mom put me in the office. The computer is there, sporadically beeping all night. There is a small light which I was unaccustomed to. This time, I thought it a good idea to bark. Up the ante, so to speak. Mom came through the door and explained in no uncertain terms how that behavior was unacceptable. Night time is for sleep, apparently. My gaffe was horrendous and my tail was between my legs. My spring break was over. But I still live unstuck. Just more so in daylight hours.

Have you made a springtime mistake, then got corrected? What did you do? How did you handle it? She Who Must Be Obeyed was insistent that we get sleep at night. I say: you might consider if what you did is a battle . . . or the war. Whatever. Live unstuck. #UnstuckLiving

Share your comments below on my thought for the day.

It’s Not Your Door

Duff’s Thought for the Day

If it doesn’t open, it’s not your door.

—Daily Health Post

Duff here. I was considering this thought the other day. I am at a definite disadvantage when it comes to opening doors. (Mom says I’m height impaired, for I am a Very Small Dog). But when a door opens, I carefully check to see if it is a safe place to be before stepping inside. Is it a dog friendly place? And not all doors are the right ones for me. If I stand in front of a closed door, I move on . . . eventually. Persistence is one of my strong suits. I am an eternal optimist. I live unstuck.

Are you like me? When you open a door, do you check to see if it’s a good place? Or just go on in? Do you get stuck in front of closed doors? How long does it take for you to move on? I strongly suggest: don’t take too long. Move on. Nothing good can come from being stuck there. Live unstuck. #UnstuckLiving

Duff’s Thought for the Day—Yoda Had It Right

Do it or not. There is no try.

—Yoda, Star Wars Series

I have often thought Yoda had it right. I am comfortable with him for he is a small creature, just as I am. And we are both unafraid of venturing out into new territories. Well, maybe I am still learning from him, for I back my mom 100% when we meet a Very Large Dog. Way behind her, I am.

When my hero, Yoda, was instructing Luke Skywalker, he was absolute in his competence and intent. He knew beyond a shadow of a doubt what it took to be a Jedi. The only time I have a strong focus is when I know there’s a Pup-eroni treat close by. (That’s my weakness. You have any of those?) I can even learn new tricks when that’s involved. My intent is off the charts!

But back to Yoda’s Wisdom: Ever been stopped cold by a doubt? That Inner Voice telling you, “That’s impossible. You can never do that.” The Duff Wisdom says: go ahead and just do it. Ignore the rest. And enjoy the experience. Live unstuck. #UnstuckLiving