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The Jell-o Deception

Duff here. I have a Very Sad Story to relate to You. As You know, whenever Mom opens the Refrigerator Door, I am forever Hopeful. I move into Position at the edge of the Kitchen, for Surprises will sometimes fall on The Floor. (Do You think She does that on Purpose?) Or maybe a Treat in My Dish. Living unstuck….

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Ready to Move

What do dogs do on their day off? Can’t lie around—that’s their job. —George Carlin, Comedian Duff here. Last weekend was wonderful for Me. I got to Laze around. Catch a Few naps. Take mom on a lot of Walks. I greeted Many New People who were up here for the Holiday. And They enjoyed meeting Me. (What’s not to…

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Memorial Day Thank You

On Memorial Day, join Us to honor those who gave Their Lives for Our Freedom. The Duff and His Mom #unstuck-living#memorial-day A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. —Joseph Campbell


A best friend is someone who loves you when you forget to love yourself. —Unknown Duff here. Arizona is opening again . . . slowly. From what I observed, this had been a Trying Time for Many folks. Couldn’t get out and go Places. Do things They usually did. And I personally think They had to spend too much time…

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I’m Starving

Duff here. You know I am a Chow Hound. Over the years, I have developed A Variety of Techniques to get just One more Scrap of Food. One more Piece of Chicken. It’s 3:00 pm. Tea time. Could half a Puperoni be in the Works? Of course, it could. I am a Good Boy, and deserve the Best. That’s living…

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Unexpected Gifts While in the Hallway

On my daily walk, I notice a sign. “Slow Down, 15.” A sharp turn in the road ahead. And I got to thinking: that sign describes my life right now. In mid-March, the world as I knew it slowed down and came to a standstill. The Stay-At-Home order was in place. Restaurant seating shut down. Take out only. Traffic on…

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Being Brave

Scared is what you’re feeling. Brave is what you’re doing. —Emma Donoghue, Room Duff here. There’s something about Loud Noises and Flashes of Light. Thunderstorms are back in full Force here on the Mountain. And it’s not My Favorite Occasion. I can feel the roll of Sound before It starts to Boom. And I follow a particular Regime to be…

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