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Magical Stuff

I don’t care what people think of me. I’m busy. I’ve got magical stuff to do.


Duff here. Are You like Me? At times, I get busy. This usually happens when Mom and I are Out for a Walk. We mosey along for a few feet. Then I get Involved with checking out What’s Going On around Me. I stop and Sniff. I halt in My Tracks and perk up My Ears. As I stare out Into the Forest, I Listen intently. This is Important, for Mom simply saunters along, oblivious to any Dangers coming Our way. Can You imagine? Not unstuck at all.

But I am at the Ready. I don’t pay Attention to What Others think Of Me, (unless They have a Treat). Although I am Small, I am Mighty. My Bark is Fierce, warning all who come Close: I am on the Alert. I watch where I step. And where Mom places her Feet, for I avoid being Trompled On. The Warm Sun feels good on My Back and I know all is Well in My World. I have Magical Stuff to do. Living unstuck.

How about You? Is Your life a hum-drum, every-day-the-same type of Grind? Or do You have Magical Stuff to Do? I vote for the latter. It puts a Sparkle in Your Eyes and a Spring in Your Step. (At least I’ve found that to be the Case.) Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#magical-stuff

Dogs Are Family

Duff here. Yesterday, Mom was telling Me about Her family. She and Her Brother were raised in a Fun Neighborhood. There were 47 Kids on the block. Never a lack of a Buddy to Do something With. This time of year Heralded Summer. School was out. Time to Play. Since computers and Air Conditioning were not Yet invented, Outdoors was the place to Be. She had a Bike and would ride to Many Places. The Park with its playground. The Pool to get Cooled off. Polliwog Pond to watch the tadpoles eventually turn into Frogs. Living unstuck.

She and her Family had many potlucks with Neighbors. I suspect I would have liked to Taste some of those Delicacies. And yes, there were Dogs in Some of These Families. There was Coco, the Chihuahua, next Door. And Zsa Zsa, the Dachshund next to Her. They would bark and Howl at Fourth of July fireworks. And there was a Mutt down the Street. All part of That Family. Mom had a Small Dog for a Brief time. But That Pup Dug up the Camellias in the back yard. Short-lived Stay. Not unstuck at all.

Mom and I are definitely Family. She and I are Very close. We are a Team, both at the Office and at Home. Love abounds, and that’s How It Is. And how about You? Is there a Special Canine or Two In Your Family? I sure hope so, for My Species will bring Delight and Joy to Your Heart. Truly living unstuck. #unstuck-living#dogs-are-family

Life is beautiful. It’s about giving. It’s about family.

—Walt Disney

Think Young

Don’t worry about getting old. Worry about thinking old.


Duff here. At times, Mom leaves Me at home when She goes places. I sleep and generally entertain Myself while She is gone. I play. I charge around. I sleep. It’s nice to have some Alone Time, to give Me time to ponder Life. Living unstuck.

As a rule, I hear her footsteps as She returns and am prepared to meet-and-greet at the Door. But I had a Surprise for Her the other day. I went into My “let’s play” stance. My Paws were in front of Me and My Tail was Up. Kinda like the Forward Bowing Dog yoga posture. We played and We wrestled. We laughed and Chatted. And We had the best Time. We may be Growing older, but We sure don’t act It. That’s living unstuck.

How about You? Are You telling Yourself You’re too Old to Do what you want to Do? Or Do You continue to Spontaneously Play and Have Fun? I say: Life is Too Short to worry about getting Old. That Part will take care of Itself. Liven it up a Bit. Look at the Things on Your Bucket List and Get Going. Never look Back. You won’t be sorry. I’m not. #unstuck-living#think-young


The Importance of a Haircut

Duff photoDuff here. Last week, I got to Meet and Greet with Ashley, My Groomer. Always a festive and Joy filled Event, for I feel So much better after My Coat is trimmed. And this cartoon of Cousin Fred reminded me of my Puppy Days. I would Scamper and Romp about in the House, running The Halls and Skidding through Corners. This Activity was just fine for a while, but I am part Shi-Tzu. My fur is long and Luxuriant, with a curl from the Toy poodle side of My Birth mom’s family. Soon I was Bumping into Walls, door Jambs, Furniture. Anything in front of me was fair Game. Definitely not unstuck.

At first, Mom thought I was going Blind. Anxiety reigned. Not a Good Scenario. But then, inspiration hit. She lifted My Bangs. And there were My pretty Brown Eyes, steadily regarding Her. Time for the First Haircut, for I couldn’t see much. My Forelock was shortened. And I got a Sanitary Cut, making Potty time much easier. I rejoiced and Continued to play. Felt like a New Puppy. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You let Your Hair grow long and Shaggy? How do You feel? Or do You get a Trim on a Regular basis? I recommend the Latter. I have found I look Sharp, feel better and Garner those Compliments when I do. You will Too! Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#the-importance-of-a-haircut

Looking good isn’t self importance; it’s self respect.


Stuffing Yourself With Delicacies

Accidentally went grocery shopping on an empty stomach and now I’m the proud owner of Aisle 5.


Duff here. Mom and I were visiting with A Good Friend the other day. She greeted Me. She Played with Me. She talked to Me. She cuddled Me. What a wonderful Time! After a bit, She settled into the Recliner at the Office. We continued to frolic about. Truly living unstuck.

Then, it was Lunch Time. This Lady brought Ham to munch On. (I could smell It when She carried in Her Igloo Container. I’m perceptive that way.) Now, Mom has taught Me manners, so I do not Beg for Food. I assume it’s coming My Way. So I Wait. And watch what’s Doing out the Corner of My eye. And My wait was Rewarded. (My Friend noted that I was Slimming Down and Elected to remedy the situation.) Bits of meat Magically appeared in front of Me. And I accepted each One, Until I was Stuffed. I slid off The Chair, Plopped onto the Floor and promptly fell Asleep. With great Effort, I rolled over. I could hear Laughter, but I was too Busy digesting. Such indignity! But a great Way to live unstuck.

How about You? Do You overindulge at Times? Then wonder Why in the World You did So? I say: You’re in Good Company, for I’m right there with You. Enjoy every Morsel. We’ll deal with the Aftermath later. But for now, live unstuck. #unstuck-living#stuffing-yourself-with-delicacies


Duff here. On this Memorial Day, I contemplate resting in Comfort. Not difficult to Do, this Activity involves a number of Qualities: Safety, the Right temperature, A warm Bed (or sometimes not), a Designated amount of time to Close My eyes and let the World go by. Snacks are Optional. Yes, indeed. Definitely living unstuck.

Mom and I watch Jobs For Dogs every now and again. My goodness, these pooches work hard. A forensic Doberman mix who locates cadavers. A Golden Retriever, trained to be a hearing Dog for a Deaf Lady. A Border Collie who dances with her Mistress, Katie. Some fancy steps, I’ll tell you. But I’m Perfectly content with My Position as The Canine Executive Officer of Unstuck Living. Duff Courtney, Himself. That’s Me.

How about you? Are You happy in Your Job? If You’re retired, are You pleased with What You are Doing? Or is it Time for a Change? I say: Scan your Life. Weed out what’s unimportant. And what will never happen. Lighten the load. And Enjoy Your world. Bask in Comfort. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#comfort

A Salute and Heartfelt thank you to those who are Serving, Have served and who Gave that Ultimate Sacrifice that We might enjoy Freedom and Liberty.

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.

—Joseph Campbell

With Freedom Comes Responsibility

Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being. With freedom comes responsibility.

—Eleanor Roosevelt

Duff here. Freedom? To some, it means the Ability to Worship as They choose. Others may see Freedom as being Free to Travel. Moving from Alabama to Colorado? A cultural change . . . and Freedom to Do So. Free to Choose Your own Way of Life. Mom is grateful to be in a Country where She is free to run a business as a Woman. All living unstuck. And all requiring some Responsibilities in return.

For Me, Freedom is sashaying through a Large meadow next to My Home. I ramble about, checking Out messages from Friends. Or Discovering Something Very New: the Sight of a Raccoon, the Surprise of Hail on My fur. And yes, even I have obligations. Staying out of Range of the Raccoon. Getting out from Under the hail. And most importantly, Coming to Mom when She calls Me. (I know I am in Deep Trouble if My Entire Name is used. You know. That infamous Middle Name that heralds Problems.) My Freedom can be Severely Curtailed if I don’t comply. That’s not unstuck.

How about you? Do You enjoy Your Freedom? Or do You even recognize it? I say: Take a Look. Consider the Responsibilities associated with Your Choices. And be Grateful. I Myself am grateful for the Men and Women who gave (and give) so Much that We can live in Freedom. Take a moment and Salute Them. We live unstuck because of The Sacrifices They made. #unstuck-living#memorial-day